A long-needed update.

I know I’ve alienated a bunch of people with my particular views on politics/the world as it really is. And I’m okay with that, to a point. Not all can handle the truth as I see it; they can’t wrap their minds around the brainfucks inflicted upon a whole populace.

But as I see it, if the things I researched/covered/discovered weren’t valid, then the Geneva Convention breaking-Nuremburg-Code-shitting-upon inflicted upon me and my kids wouldn’t be happening.

Which, given the bias confirmation, means I stumbled onto someone’s Truth they would rather have kept secret, despite it being in the public realm for all to discover. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have found it.

I am being assaulted with no touch torture tech, and yeah, I know that sounds like bullshit, but I’ve got one medical professional trying to keep up with all the shit they’re flinging at me to impede my health, while another (whom I’ve known for years) tells me to take a deal if offered, and no, he’s not my handler (a question I asked my bestie earlier that week, so I’m being spied upon and having my private conversations repeated by people who were nowhere near my location when having said private conversations), something he mentioned three times in that hour.

So, you know, red flags abound and such.

For three months in a row, I went to the ER multiple times for vascular issues. When my doctor would address the issue, a new issue arose.

First high blood pressure and migraines.
Then high blood pressure.
Then irregular heart beats resulting in overnight monitoring to make sure it doesn’t blow into a heart attack.
More migraines, but not high blood pressure related.
Then low blood pressure.

Look, I know you haven’t read all the stuff I have; senate subcommittee transcripts, FOIA releases, patents and schematics, and all that other stuff deemed conspiracy theorist. You don’t have the perspective I do, and if I sound a bit off the rails, it’s because you haven’t caught up to me. And all the shit I’ve discovered can’t really be canned down into a tiny soundbite; it’s a tentacled Kraken wrecking havoc on multiple fronts. But the simplest way to describe it is to say it’s a behavior modification program meant to keep a populace in line. Want to know why AG Barr is being attacked? Because he holds Medusa’s head, and if used, will stop that Kraken in its tracks. That’s why.

Shit I covered two years ago is NOW in the news. Let that sink in and stew.

I skirted around propaganda and had to be taken to task for discussing information available in the public domain with audacity on the internet.

How do they take me to task? By messing with my health. They do have the tech that can alter heart beats and even stop them (since the 70’s.) They have the tech to project sounds and voices into the heads of others so no one else can hear them. Again, they’ve had this tech since the 70’s. They can make people lethargic or manic. They can program people to be triggered into actions they’d never do otherwise, like plowing into oncoming traffic. Their goal is to destabilize and discredit by any means necessary.

At the tail end of last year, I started a podcast. By episode five, I caught their attention. My mic was turned off midsentence, right after I read the title of a senate presentation on Human and Civil rights in America. The beat rolls on while there’s no vocal track. The app I used for recording no longer recognizes my mic, nor does the podcasting app, despite uninstalling and reinstalling. That, my friends, is how I know I pissed off deep state enough that they want to keep the truth hidden: that we live in a society that shits on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and will silence those with dissenting opinions BACKED BY DOCUMENTATION, to keep on their Nazi-inspired shenanigans of what boils down to mind control.

Anything to keep the message from getting out…  I’ve had videos I’ve edited tampered with, the audio removed.

In mid-November 2018, around 11 pm, it felt like my brain was cooking. As if it were being nuked in a microwave. It lasted until nearly dawn. It really, really sucked.

Was it Pizzagate? Pedogate? My coverage of Nazi-made C Eye A Project MKUltra? Me tying said project into social engineering and the mass manipulation of America? Which discovery put a target on my brain? 

This year alone:

My medication has been tampered with; found a psychotropic sedative mixed in with my potassium supplement– they look very similar, size, shape, and color-wise. KIMG0609

They were in addition to my filled meds, as I had my full allotment.   Took the sedatives to the pharmacist, who was baffled as to how they appeared in my pill bottle — as I do not have access to such meds, and I’m pretty damn sure they weren’t in there when I got my prescription filled the day before.

And the next week? No sleep. Would get little zaps to my brain when I’d start to drift off to Slumberland. All week long. And I can’t help but wonder if those meds were put there with the intention that I find out what they are and take them to counteract the sleep-depriving brain zaps, or a warning (knowing I’d hand those pills over as soon as I discovered them) that I’d be in for sleepless nights ahead. Provable? Probably not. But I can’t help but wonder why those meds were placed in with my prescription.

Someone opened my living room window and put chewed gum on my entertainment center. KIMG0611Wasn’t my kids, as they were visiting their father. That gum has been preserved as evidence, and will yield DNA of the piece of shit harassing me with douchebaggery.

I’ve seen low-flying drones scoping out the parking lot, my kids and I have all developed tinnitus, and there’s an energy in my home that makes my mom’s dog whine in pain.

I can document infrasound and EMF radiation, microwave radiation. But for scalar tech? Haven’t found a way.


I’ll say it: Trump declassifying FISA will literally change my world. That is why those with deep state ties want him out of office as well as any means possible to stop AG Barr from proceeding. It’ll be a domino effect of revelations regarding abuses done against a civilian population.

You don’t have to believe me.

Just listen to me now and believe me later.


I owe President Trump an apology.

Pre-election, I didn’t hold back my scathing views of the Republican nominee. I called him all sorts of unpleasant things, from a circus barker/huckster, to a neon orange rectal wart. I insinuated things, like a dead cat was glued to his head.

I was, at that time, 100% liberal.

Now, I think I’m around 40%, and that’s mostly because I believe systematic corruption to be abhorrent, and anyone who thinks it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal in order to win (yet calls out the other team for doing the same) is a burden upon this country. My dad told me I was more conservative than he thought– and that took me aback, because I hold very liberal views. I think women should have the option of abortion (most especially if they tried preventing pregnancy in the first place, or if their health, mental or physical, is endangered by pregnancy. It really surprises me how many conservative men seem to think that since women were made to carry babies, that across the board of femininity, that all women can carry a pregnancy to term without any ill effect; seeming to disregard the added vascular pressure, hormone load, and waste disposal needs placed on the female. Shit, it’s why there’s things like Eclampsia, Preeclampsia, Pregnancy Induces Glucose Intolerance, High Blood Pressure, and Pre Term Labor exist. Not all women can carry children risk-free. For more women than you realize, carrying a child can severely impact their health, risking their potential and a healthy parent for said child.) after discussing with their doctor. I think living sustainably (as in not polluting our water/soils, not using petro-based fertilizers, and using piles of rocks to draw lizards and snakes into the veggie garden instead of using poisons to control pests) is a worthy goal. I think all communities should have a garden, and that apartment complexes should give space to their residents to garden. I feel that by relying on convenience, we’ve utterly dicked over our species. If The End Of The World As We Know It should happen, imagine the power those with food will have over those without. Most people don’t grow their own. Most don’t raise stock for food. I think that the one premise our ancient ancestors worked on, as hunter/gatherers and then as agricultural based, the premise of keeping their people fed, and passing down that knowledge only to be supplanted by fast food is pretty fucking sad commentary on our part. I believe that people should have guns, to be used as tools, and that they should be taught responsible use/maintenance as a course, like driver’s ed. I believe that professional sports is detrimental to society as a whole, and that communities should encourage sports on a local level. Participation vs Spectator, ya know?

I guess I’m saying that I’m a gun-favoring hippy.

And as such, during the election, I really bought into the mainstream media narrative of Bad Man Orange. But for me, that paled in comparison of the scandal glossed over by the media– that someone who violated SF312 was permitted to run for office despite the terms of the Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement which was signed in the presence of FBI personnel. That, to me, was more noteworthy. And the Podesta/DNC email revelations from Wikileaks only added fuel to the fire.

fucking russia

And then Hillary lost the presidency for a second time, and Trump took office and I didn’t care all that much because Hillary cheated Bernie. I was glad Hillary wasn’t in office, and so by default, I got lumped as a Trump-loving deplorable paid by Putin.

I didn’t care much. As I saw it, we were being lied to by mainstream media who was giving the Clinton campaign a lot of leeway for their douchebaggery, while bitching nonstop about every little thing Trump tweeted.

But then something really, really interesting happened.

First, there was FBI Anon, who dropped info on half-chan, relating to the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Then QAnon happened, although Q never identified himself (actually believed to be a team of about 10, with the majority being military) as Q– Q is called such for stating that they have Q Clearance, which is the highest level of security clearance in the US government.

Q Clearance is also associated with the Department of Energy, aka “The Nuke People.”

So when you consider what we do know of Uranium One, then sprinkle in some Department of Energy, it really makes one ponder what the phuckleberries is going on.

UO 1 fbi vault foia




Now here’s the genius of Q Anon:

Imagine that there’s a system of oppression in place. It’s fueled by the stuff of nightmares, it is deliberately ignored and left to fester and rot. Imagine this system has been in place since World War II, and that it’s so compartmentalized that those in the know don’t know about -everything-. All they know is their mission, and that’s it. This system enables child rape, manufacturing child pornography featuring torture, uses torture to fracture the psyches of children, uses covert, No Touch technology to silence those who would speak out. That people are kidnapped and have their organs harvested. That kids are kidnapped and tortured to create a “demon drug” because of their raging adrenaline is a kick for sick, rich fucks. That consumable media such as music, movies, and television are used to tell people how and what to think, so those people don’t have to think for themselves, and thus helps create an apathetic society easily controlled by celebrity puppets. A system based off Nazi ideals. Oh yeah, we’re going there.

cia cult of intelligence

Now imagine a candidate who runs on the promise of ending this shit system, having hobnobbed with politicos and their puppets for decades and seen firsthand what these clowns engage in on a regular basis, inluding trips to private islands where underaged orgies are known to be held. Same sort of folks who indulge in such shenanigans also invite court documented human traffickers to “family events” like weddings. So, having seen this sort of douchebaggery first hand, the candidate runs.

Here’s a fact most don’t like: if Trump had done something horrific and would have ended his run, they would have it out and used it against him. And yeah, there’s the “pussy grabbing” shit, and yeah, that’s pretty gross. But we also cannot dismiss that there are indeed women out there, who love getting groped by famous/rich people. And that, to me, is the best case scenario regarding Trump’s pussy grabbing comment.

So, how does one create a means to relay information to the populace that can’t be corrupted by the mainstream media (as their Bad Man Orange narrative would require them to do) and doesn’t violate national security?

qanon nyc pdQanon

That’s where Q Anon comes in: reputed to be a group of Military Intelligence, who’ve worked for decades to formulate a plan to break down the shit system they’ve witnessed and individually couldn’t stop.

truman truth2

It’s my observation that people who dismiss Q haven’t actually researched the phenomenon. Those who have been following Q know the news before it becomes news.

And for those eager to dismiss Q as some conspiracy theory because mainstream media says it’s Alt Right and dumb? Uh, those same clowns told you that Hillary would get elected hands down, no questions asked.

q they never thought she would lose

We see how that turned out.



And if you’ve been keeping an eye on resignations and retirements of CEOs from various corporations, you’d notice a HUGE uptick since Trump’s election. If you keep an eye on the DOJ website, you’ll see another huge uptick, this time in stopping human trafficking.

Trump is actually doing the shit he said he would, and this is more telling than anything. He didn’t give lip-service to the people in order to placate Wall Street, like Obama did. And one can’t say he legalized Fake News, like Obama did (check it out; Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt Act, which forbade the use of propaganda on domestic populations) and one can’t say that he’s the cause of police violence against PoC; it was under Obama’s watch that the huge spike in police violence occurred.

President Trump, I am sorry. I did not believe before. But now I do, and I thank you for your efforts to stop the shitty system that’s eating America alive.

Why do I believe? Because prior to the election, I was covering all sorts of old scandals, posting them on my Steemit Blog and on my YouTube channel. And now? I’m under electronic harassment 24/7, being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and other no touch tech which has sent me to the ER twice in one week.

A healthcare professional stated that my symptoms indicate EMR poisoning.



If Trump is the wrecking ball to take down such a system, Kudos says I.

My only regret is having not voted for him in 2016.

I won’t make that mistake again.



The Political Catalogue of Election 2016 (and my evolution of thought)

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My YouTube Channel Full Of Political Commentary



Back up of last author’s note on FanFic re: my fsog submission

AUTHOR’S NOTE TO READERS [edited 11/20/14]

Well, hello there.

I see you clicked on my story and instead of diving into an AU experiment starring Ana and Christian, you’re reading this as a disclaimer that the following chapters house darkness and misery, and if you aren’t a fan of thrillers, now is your chance to escape unscathed. I am not lying when I say that this is full of DRAMA and ANGST as shown by the genres listed in my description. The male lead is a conflicted and unhappy soul who will not be portrayed in a happy and glamourous light. If that’s not your comfort zone, bail out now.
Consider yourself warned in regards to the content.

If you’re looking for the story and don’t care about technicalities, just hit NEXT CHAPTER and away you go.

Once upon a time there was a lengthy author’s note explaining why I’m tackling the perspective on certain characters that I use in the crafting of this story. Decided to shorten it up and keep it sweet. The full original author’s note can be found at wp . me / p3Jr6y-9K

Christian Grey brought BDSM into the mainstream, helped make erotica go commercial. But there are certain personality aspects he has that are of concern and make him less than attractive to me, personally. Specifically, his very controlling yet fickle nature. This story plays up his need for control and how Elena exerts her own brand of nefarious control over Grey and his marriage to Ana. Elena is totally a villain, and I ran with that. Grey has demons yet untamed and I run with that, as well. Ana has to find herself as her own identity became tied into her husband’s, basically becoming an extension of him. She loves him, but can’t reconcile his control over every aspect of her life or his dependence upon Elena, most especially when it intrudes into their marriage.

This is a very dark, not terribly romantic story, so if you’re looking for a Happy Ever After, just bail out now- you aren’t going to find what you want in my neck of the woods. Sorry. It won’t end in a way you like. If you don’t read Stephan King, Dean Koontz, or Thomas Harris, you won’t like the thriller/murder/mayhem aspects in this tale. Please consider yourself warned. I know the characters aren’t exactly canon- I have played up a certain personality aspect in each- Grey has his control issues; when thwarted he gets furious and acts out. Ana is indecisive; she loves him and knows she can’t ‘fix’ him because he doesn’t see anything wrong with some of his certain behaviors yet can’t find it in herself to leave on her own gumption. Taylor has mixed feelings of working for a powerful man who does some morally wrong things. Elena is a master manipulator on an international scale and has brought Grey into her schemes without his knowledge or consent and tried through Grey, to strike at Ana. All of these personalities are almost caricatures of the originals, so that one personality flaw is exploited and explored.

INTERVENTION OF ANA is not for everyone. Like natto or Valdeon, it’s an acquired taste and so consider yourself warned, kind reader.

You will also see interspersed through the story, more Author’s Notes- and toward the end, a very long one. As mentioned often, this story tends to strike a chord with certain people who seem to react by writing personal attacks or stalking rather than addressing the matter in a calm and rational manner. I haven’t decided if I’ll remove those notes, as I do feel they point out valid things to consider, including my somewhat spiteful nature (still using the rule that every personal attack on me will result in one more chapter to this tale) when provoked.

Yes, I entertain perspectives seemingly at odds with the fandom; you are under no obligation read this tale; please note, I keep my perspectives in this story only- I don’t go around the fandom advertising this point of view or telling readers they HAVE TO read this story or they are endorsing not pleasant things like rape culture (aka treat me like shit, but buy me something pretty first, or to quote Chapter 25 of FSoG:

“It’s what he wants – and after the last few days… after all he’s done, I have to man up and take whatever he decides he wants, whatever he thinks he needs.”)…

Please note, I don’t have a problem with BDSM when safe, sane and consensual. For really-reals. Unfortunately in the original books, Grey has a tendency to punish Ana when she defies him by using sex or BDSM against her and that’s not cool. When one agrees to consensual violence, there are boundaries not to be crossed, and when Grey got upset with Ana for safewording, it killed the whole notion that he was in it for shits and giggles.

Especially in Chapter 26, Starring the Belt and Christian’s admission that he’ll deliver 6 blows as a reminder why she is not to run from him regarding their earlier game of Tag and life in general. Granted, she wanted to know how bad it could get and she did ask for it. But to use it as a statement of ownership really bothered me.

Well, that and this little passage from FSF regarding why she whipped out the safeword: “What can I tell him? That he frightened me. That I didn’t know if he’d stop. That I begged him- and he didn’t stop. That I didn’t want things to escalate… like-like that one time in here. I shudder as I recall him whipping me with his belt.” He admits he’s glad she did safeword because he had gotten carried away. Aka, lost control. And that’d be okay and I wouldn’t have an issue with it until he says later in the chapter:

Reaching over, I take his hand. “You’re really shaken by all this, aren’t you?”
He snorts. “A deranged asshole gets into my apartment to kidnap my wife. She won’t do as she’s told. She drives me crazy. She safe-words on me.” He closes his eyes briefly, and when he opens them again, they are stark and raw. “Yeah, I’m pretty shaken up.”

He counts her want to ensure her personal safety because she was genuinely afraid of him as a negative, which he confirmed was a valid concern since he got “carried away” and admitted as much.

Those are EL James’ own words. That is what spurred this story’s creation, this complex and not-exactly linear thought patterns which just get my creativity running amok with the possibilities regarding personal conflict.

As I see it, all the authors on here are using the same clay provided by FSoG to sculpt something different, and their views are as valid as my own. Not everyone cares for the same flavor of ice cream, and this one is up there with Morimoto’s Trout Eyeball Ice Cream- it’s not for the unadventurous and those with tunnel vision of what ice cream should be.

I wish you happy reading with this story or the many others that may be more to your taste in this fandom.

-Mandi Rei

Once upon a time in a land of plenty…

About three years ago, I wrote/ copy & pasted from ff.net… and saved it as a draft. And I thought I published it…and couldn’t find it. Someone asked me for the link to it, as I have it on ff.net, and holy shitballs, it was here all along. Huzzah and better late than never, eh?

I wrote something more akin to a therapeutic-somewhat-spitefic (ok, female lead doesn’t suck as much as the idolized male lead, she gets her happy ending) rather than the fanfic a certain site is known for. At the beginning of this monumental work of playing up troublesome aspects of a popular novel series, I put an author’s note. Rather long-winded, but it laid out what readers could expect, and why. I replaced it with a shorter and less blunt note, and am archiving the oldie but goodie.

This is the author’s note in whole:

There is a reason I have to write this preface, and I’m going to spell it out for all and sundry and hopefully, the PMs will slow down because concerns have already been addressed here. This contains snippets of blog posts I’ve made addressing the issues, as well as choice bits of PMs. Also, there is an FAQ on my profile which covers many of the concerns listed here. This story was originally published here on FF back in 2012. I took it down, altered it a bit, and self-pubbed since out of the many reviews I received, vast majority were positive in nature. The few negative ones did not deter me then, nor will they as I substantially rewrite this story and work in more of the canon, ultimately taking it in another direction altogether. That said, the original incarnation of Chapter One was picked up by a women’s shelter in Cardiff, Wales and is used to help illustrate the power of perception when it comes to abuse. I am proud of that my writing has been used to help educate on the subject of domestic violence. That is my carrot on a string when it comes to getting this story out.


First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your opinion of Grey is as valid as my own even though you and I may not see eye-to-eye. I don’t think I’m going to change the mind of someone looking for their own Grey. I am simply explaining why I chose to address the story in this not-very-pleasant manner. The mark of ignorance is the inability to entertain someone else’s perspective without agreeing- and trust me, I had to entertain a point of view different from my own to get through EL James’ tale. I am sincerely hoping that you, kind reader, are an open minded sort, because that will make this so much more productive. As you can see in the description of my tale, it’s a study in the sub-context I am addressing. That is no secret, and please don’t waste your time telling me I made Grey into an abusive dickhead. I am positive there are other stories you’d find more enjoyable than me busting out a treatise on society-accepted violence. Not every love story has a HEA, and that’s a fact of life I echo in my writing. I’m on the fence about reviews calling out things I’m blatantly pointing out RIGHT HERE.

I mean, if someone feels compelled to tell me I suck because OMG, I just don’t ‘get’ Christian Grey, fine. I’ll probably laugh, enjoy a glass of wine, and ponder a reply I won’t give because someone is unwilling to experience this uber-romantic-got-rape-culture’s-stamp-of-approval from a realistic point of view, as detailed on this page. Far as I’m concerned, I’m laying it all out here for those who aren’t as inclined as others to dissect the society we live. A society that says, ‘Sure, treat me like shit, but at least buy me nice things first” and where women are expected to let a multitude of horrific sins slide because a guy is wealthy and/or attractive. I’m going off the sub-context I picked up as I trudged through that literary quagmire- how often does Ana worry that she upset Grey whenever she opens her mouth? How many times are there tears involved? Bruises she didn’t consent to? Threats to rape her in public (over her biting her lip) and breaking into her apartment without knowledge from her or her roommate? How many times does she basically tell him to back off and yet he ultimately doesn’t? These are not aspects of a healthy relationship.

One cannot heal another with love; that is a fairy tale falsehood of co-dependence. Happiness comes from within and the right partner helps it shine brighter. One can provide a healing environment; considering Grey controls everything, it’s safe to assume he controls the environment, thus it isn’t Ana who is helping him heal. She does learn to manage his moods by walking on eggshells when it comes to certain topics; that is not a marker of a healthy relationship.

Yes, I read FSoG. I did not like it. I found it to be triggering and a glorification of my own experience of domestic abuse at the hands of my boyfriend-turned-husband. I found it disturbing that the protagonist, Ana, lacks so much world experience when compared to Grey who then holds her lack of experience against her, and she has to appeal to an imaginary authority figure, her Inner Goddess – which made me wonder if Ana has some sort of mental illness? Why else would her should-be-invisible Subconscious and Inner Goddess waltz around between Ana’s ears? “Normal” people tend to think in terms of ‘I can do this’ rather than “My Inner Goddess gave me a thumbs up,” if you get my drift. Is this a commentary from James about the maturity level Ana exhibits, where Ana is unable to take responsibility for her own thoughts/actions, pawning decision making to invisible friends?

Having been in an abusive relationship, I’m calling Grey’s actions for what they are. Take away his looks and money and he doesn’t have much to recommend him, in my opinion, for a long-term relationship. Had he not been adopted into a wealthy family and instead bounced around foster homes, odds are that he would have spent time in jail by now. His stalking and manipulation show that he is far from healed, needs a new therapist and to find happiness for himself rather than collecting subs who bear a resemblance to his mother. The psychological aspects of Grey mirrors a Pacific Northwest serial killer, Robert Lee Yates. I find that interesting; give Yates good looks and money and you’d have Christian Grey on your hands. I find that fascinating, really. Could it be a witty social commentary by EL James, of a society’s acceptance of abuse and willingness to look the other way? A slightly different take on Kitty Genovese?

I realize that the tawdry bits in FSoG were definitely eyebrow-raising considering what was the commercial norm before the erotica acceptance. However, I gotta say as someone who dabbled in the lifestyle for a few years, I cringe when I got to the bits where Grey demonstrates his dominate style-especially outside the bedroom. Safe, sane, and consensual, it was not. Got no problem with kinky fun. But the parts that concerned me most were his attitudes outside “playtime” and how he put Ana under surveillance 24/7 and did not adhere to the boundaries she set. Her opinion doesn’t seem to matter much to him. He may acknowledge her concern, but then he blows it off and does what he wants instead (for example, her car. Why did he buy her a new car he won’t let her drive?) I also have a problem with stalking, intimidation, coercion, not taking NO for an answer, victim blaming, and other forms of random douche-baggery.

One can see different things when they read for pleasure versus reading with a critical eye. Those who read for pleasure don’t catch things, they aren’t looking for the sub-context, only what the writer had the narrator (Ana being an unreliable narrator) remark upon, colored with the narrator’s perspective. Ana is sheltered and Ana does not understand what constitutes domestic violence. I know I didn’t, I assumed getting hit was ‘domestic violence,’ not the put-downs or threats. But those too, are abuse.

I can understand if you got swept up in the story, but in a clinical setting, a lot of the behaviors exhibited are considered serious markers for an abuser. Grey is a manipulator. Ana never signed the contract, and Grey still acts as if she did. The man stalked a woman 3000 miles when she stated she needed space and he hadn’t even known her a month. That’s scary, not romantic. He enters her apartment without Ana or Kate’s knowledge or consent, hits and rapes Ana. She wasn’t into it and basically says, “Oh, at least it wasn’t that bad.” Grey should have involved the police when Leila started doing her thing. By keeping it on the down-low, he enabled a mentally ill person and chucked her in an art school rather a psychiatric ward where her needs could be addressed.

You are absolutely entitled to your opinion about Christian Grey- I will not argue that. But to me, he’s the better looking twin to the man I married and who told me he knew where he’d hide my body. I’m not going to be quiet about that. Abusers thrive in silence, and I’ll be making some noise for educational purposes.

Maybe someone will read this story and see them self in AnaMaria, and know they too can escape an abusive/manipulative relationship. That is why I am writing this.

Once upon a time I was Ana. No more.

On the topic of Grey and his mother…

Oedipus by Proxy.

Christian Grey openly admits he prefers subs who resemble his “crack whore mother” i.e. brown hair, blue eyes. He beats them because he cannot beat his mother as punishment for leaving him as a child. Why else would he choose women to beat that bear a physical resemblance to his mother? Since she’s dead, he can’t take his anger out on her. So all those poor women who have the genetic misfortune of brown hair and blue eyes are taking the lumps for her; I’m convinced Grey hasn’t told his therapist about it, or else his “therapist” is a quack who is awesome at writing prescriptions for narcotics.


The following was taken from Jenny Trout’s blog, because she is wondrously eloquent and awesome. jennytrout dot com slash ?p=3007

The following “red flags” are from a hand out entitled “Universal Red Flags” taken from a book called How To Spot A Dangerous Man. The instructions read: “Check all the following that apply even if only remotely”. Let me share the ones I checked on Ana’s behalf:

You feel uncomfortable about something he has said or done, and the feeling remains. I don’t think we need to cite any one particular incident where Ana has been made uncomfortable by Christian Grey. This is prevalent throughout the book.

You wish he would go away, you want to cry, and you want to run away from him. Ana often thinks about how she can “escape” Christian, how she needs to find an exit, how she can’t handle being around him because she can’t trust herself to think clearly. In just the portion of the book we’ve reviewed so far, Ana has ended three of her encounters with Christian as a sobbing mess.

You have the urge to “love him into emotional wellness,” if that were possible. Again, based on the chapters we’ve reviewed here so far, Ana does seem to believe that she can change him, or that he has psychological wounds that need to be healed.

You feel bad about yourself when you are around him. One of the clearest indicators, to me, anyway, that there is a power imbalance in their relationship is the fact that Ana constantly compares herself – how she looks, how she acts, how she’s dressed – to Christian and his very wealthy lifestyle, and she always finds herself lacking. She often wonders why he’s interested in her.

You only feel good about yourself when you are with him. Conversely, Ana doesn’t have a nice word to say about herself unless it is confirmed by Christian. When her roommate tells her that she’s pretty, Ana interprets it as a patronizing compliment Kate can’t possibly mean, but when Christian Grey calls Ana beautiful, she suddenly believes that she is. In fact, the only time she believes anything good about herself is when it’s Christian pointing it out.

You feel that he wants too much from you. I think this one requires very little explanation. Not only does he want more than she wishes to give, he constantly pressures her to give him what he wants.

You are emotionally tired from him; you feel he “sucks the life out of you.Now, Ana never says, “he sucks the life out of me.” But again, even if we just look at the first half of this book, she’s doing a lot of crying herself to sleep, needing to get away from him because he’s too intense, etc.

Your value system and his are very different, and it’s problematic. I have this phrase I trot out from time to time with my friends who are dating: If you have to “work on” the relationship within the first month, it’s not going to work out. Sometimes, people are simply incompatible. Ana and Christian have spent most of their relationship with Ana trying to find ways around giving Christian what he wants, and Christian refusing to bend on his expectations. This is not going to clear up in a few more dates.

Your past and his are very different, and the two of you have conflicts over it. Spoiler alert, Christian is obsessive and controlling about food because he went hungry as a child. I know we haven’t gotten to that part of the book in the review yet, but it fits in here. And that’s just one of the ways their pasts differ in problematic ways. While Ana sees his earlier relationship with a much older woman as statutory rape, Christian believes that it was appropriate and has a continuing friendship with the woman, which makes Ana uncomfortable. Ana doesn’t even want the type of relationship Christian is after, they both are aware of this fact, and he continues to pursue her.

You tell your friends you are “unsure about the relationship” Ana has already had this conversation with Kate in the part we’ve reviewed.

You feel isolated from other relationships with friends and family. Ana doesn’t justfeel isolated, she is isolated, by the nondisclosure agreement Christian asked her to sign. She finds herself living a double life in order to please Christian and still maintain her relationships with her loved ones.

You feel in the wrong because he is always right and goes to great lengths to show you he is right. This was most obviously displayed in chapter fourteen, where Christian responds to all of Ana’s concerns and questions with long explanations that dance around actual answers.

You are uncomfortable because he continually says he knows what is best for you. He isn’t pressuring her into signing a contract that allows him to act out his sexual fantasies on her for him. It’s all about her, and her happiness. He just wants what’s best for her, just like when he showed up at the bar when she asked him not to, and his concerns about her car.

You notice he needs you too frequently, too much, or too intensely. Christian goes so far as to say that he wants her too much, or that he can’t control himself in her presence because of the intensity of his passion for her.

You notice he quickly discloses information about his past or present or his emotional pain. After they go out for coffee, their first encounter that is not tied to the interview, he warns her off from him with cryptic, tortured statements like, “I’m not the man for you.”

You sense he is pushing too quickly for an emotional connection with you. Okay, this one, Ana wouldn’t check off, but I would. From an outside observer standpoint, Christian is running a very good game of “pull her in, push her away,” which is forcing an emotional connection with Ana. After having coffee with the guy once, she’s on the floor of a parking garage sobbing. This isn’t just Ana being emotionally immature, it’s Ana being emotionally manipulated by Christian.

You find yourself accepting him “for now” even though you have plenty of red flags that would help you to terminate the relationship if you paid attention to them. Ana is already aware that what she wants from the relationship and what Christian wants are two vastly different, completely incompatible things, but she commits to the relationship despite knowing it has no hope of a future.

These weren’t all the entries on the list, but some of the questions regarding previous children or substance abuse obviously don’t apply to Mr. Grey. Looking over what we have here, is this a healthy relationship? Can we even consider this to be a romance novel, with all of these elements in place?

However, we’ve seen ample evidence of women saying they would prefer their husbands to behave more like Christian Grey. Others say that obviously, they wouldn’t want Christian Grey in real life, but it’s the fantasy they’re enjoying. What fantasy? I fully support fantasizing about a man who takes control in the bedroom. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how it would be enjoyable to fantasize about a man who takes control in all aspects of your life. And remember, I’m not talking about just a BDSM lifestyle here. I’m talking about the measures Christian takes to control Ana’s life before they even enter into a relationship together.

For an insightful look on the topic, check out Jenny Trout dot com slash question mark p=934

For those open minded readers I haven’t scared off yet, I have some questions I’d love to have your opinion on. Please, if you feel inclined, let me know what you think. I do appreciate the feedback (unless it’s patronizing and disrespectful) and it helps me to understand everybody’s point of view better. [ More questions may be added at a later time ]

a) Would Ana still be into Grey if he was not a billionaire? Let’s say he worked at Best Buy or KMart- same personality, same looks (perhaps not as “polished” because lack of funds and not owning salons) and elitist attitude, but just a bloke who lives in his mom’s basement and Charlie Tango is just an El Dorado. Would he have the same appeal to fresh-out-of-college Ana?

b) If a Dom has demonstrated sub drop more than once, does that qualify him as a knowledgeable and empathetic Dom?

c) How many unhealthy behaviors is it acceptable to deal with when it comes to building a foundation for a new romantic relationship? If your partner makes decisions you have to abide by, would you want your opinion to be considered just as valid as your partners?

d) Do you think Grey adequately described the BDSM lifestyle to Ana so she could make an educated decision on the topic?

e) Is it appropriate for someone who was given permission for a single type of consensual violence (i.e. a spanking) to threaten or intimidate the person on the receiving end when the receiver had a negative reaction to the experience?

I thank you for your time and wish you happy reading.

-M R S


Backyard Homesteading Adventures

Over at Steemit.com, I’ve got a series of (mostly) gardening tidbits, homesteading stuff, and lots of pictures documenting it all.

If you love to garden, here’s a list of my articles you may find interesting, especially if you’re into veggies and organic gardening.

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Happy Gardening!

Alchemy of Writing:: World Building and sensory seduction

Secondary to characters, setting the scene in one’s story is high on the totem pole of Narration. While characters push the tale along, it’s the setting that helps form the plot. Things don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen within a sphere of influence concerning other people who dwell in this sphere, the political and cultural landscape, and weather. Yes, even weather.

Imagine you are a peasant dwelling in a rural area, and the weather is out of whack. Instead of normal seasonal progression, you’re stuck in a rainy winter that lasts two years. Two whole years of being unable to raise grain to feed you, your family, and your stock. Two years worth of rent, rotted in the field. Two years of watching your family and friends wither away and die of starvation and pestilence. Two years of praying to a God who doesn’t seem to hear the pitiful cries of the hungry and dying. Two years of raiders trying to claim any foodstuffs for themselves, stopping at nothing to feed or profit from the misery of others.

Two years of your life you will never get back. That is, assuming you survive.

So yeah, weather can play a huge part in the plot. This isn’t only for historical or fantasy writing; modern day is under the influence of weather and geology. If a volcano blows, ash is put into the atmosphere and planes won’t fly due to the damage ash can do to the jet engines.  Drought causes water wars.

Landscape plays a part as well. Oil pipelines leak, polluting water and harming every animal that drinks from the tainted well. You aren’t going to find super-lush fields of wheat growing in rocky soil that breaks plows. Mountains mean shorter growing periods, so depending on their location in relation to the equator will determine whether or not tropical fruits will be grown or found. Natural barriers are marvelous for separating cultures– and that in itself will drive a plotline.



Here are some things to keep in mind when wordsmithing to help fill out your world for the reader’s delight:

1- Establish your protagonist’s culture; any quirks or things that other cultures would find odd. For example, in a fantasy novel I am weaving, the first born children are fostered at a young age into a trade, and second born children inherit their parent’s property and holdings. Firstborns are the ambassadors of their people, being sent to other countries to serve nobility. This establishes how such people are treated by their own kind and by those they meet in other lands. Various statuses in life will yield the same result; an abbot vs a friar, for example. Or a wealthy land owner vs the peasant that rents his lands– their culture and how it perceives various members of it’s society will dictate how your characters act and what society will permit them to get away with.

2- Establish the setting using one’s senses; the crunch of dry leaves underfoot, the scent and sight of apples hanging heavy from trees, the brisk wind blowing in one’s face, the taste of the first harvested apple of the year… senses play their part in enriching the scene. Think in terms of texture when it comes to touch.

Whether perfume creating a trail through an empty ballroom, or the gnarly tang of human excrement clinging to the walls of a dungeon, scent should be present. If there nothing to smell, there’s nothing going on. Same for sound– reality doesn’t involve soundless voids (well, except for sensory deprivation chambers)… if nothing else, one will hear their heartbeat thunder in their ears.

3- Landscape is more than trees and hills; it dictates certain inevitabilities. If one lives on the coast, they’d probably eat more aquatic life than terrestrial. If they aren’t feasting on fish every day, then why? If the landscape is mountainous, how do the people survive? Do they import things like grain? Are they an insular people, protective of their meager lands, or are they open to all for trade and knowledge? What does their cities look like? Wood or stone? Mud? What is their preferred building material and why? You aren’t going to find cities of carved stone created by those without the technology to do so, such as smelting metal to create tools.   Questions like these should be at the base of your thought pyramid when it comes to creating various tribes, cultures, clans, civilizations. There is a logical reason behind most things; establish the reason and all other pieces fall into place. For example, coastal-dwelling people would most likely have boats of some kind at their disposal. Those who dwell in verdant lands of tillable soil would most likely count the bounty of their land as being equal or more important than gold– after all, one eats crops not coins. It is the land that is the basis of their wealth.

4- Technology is dependent upon resources; areas of bamboo jungle provide more building material than that of traditional timber. We know this because archeology has shown that in humid areas such as South East Asian rainforest, evidence of stone tools is lacking when compared to other areas at the same time in antiquity. That’s because material like bamboo is very abundant (growing a foot a day in certain conditions) and versatile, but decomposes after a few years. Bone, stone, and when preserved in favorable conditions (airless), wood remains to show those looking, how ancient man got things accomplished. So, if you’re writing about a civilization that lives in bamboo crannogs above the mangrove swamp, and use huge iron-tipped spears to hunt the tigers hunting them, you will need to explain how they acquire said iron. Did they smelt it? They’d need fuel that burns hotter than bamboo, and plenty of it to smelt their own, plus iron-rich sand. Did they trade for it? If so, what did they trade? Iron would be precious to them, so it would demand a high price. Given their resources, what could they trade to equal the price of a life-saving necessity?

5- Inspiration is around; just read a history book. Humanity is prone to patterns. These patters emerge, time and again if given enough time. Humans, no matter where they dwell on the planet or station in life, are opportunistic. Given half a chance, they would do what it takes to better themselves/family/lot in life. Transform the terrain to increase crop production, import plants from across the world, adapt technology and religions from other civilizations to suit their own society’s needs… The greatest inspiration one can take is reading how various civilizations have conquered each other; Romans took over great tracts of land; England married into various European royal houses and colonized the hell out of the globe via their navy; war, disease, “manifest destiny”… all these are tangents that can fill out a story. These are the events in the background of our lives, events that shape the future.

BROKEN TOYS: serialized novel on Steemit.

Chapter links on each image!

Dear you.

People I respect, I’m trying not to chuck your memory into the rototiller’s way. Yet I can’t help but wonder if those I’m talking about/to (but not addressing by name; if they read this, they’ll know if they’re included in my plea) actually care to pay attention to a situation much larger than themselves; something more important than this country. Since the primaries, I’ve been in a soul-searching mood, philosophically analyzing a great many things, trying to find the truth to it all. And I made the grave mistake of sharing those views on social media. I won’t apologize for exercising my first ammendment right and the all-American proclivity of questioning authority.

You didn’t like my opinion or views on certain subjects didn’t match yours. This election was ugly in more than one way. It pulled a mask off America, revealing the cringing truth of what this country has become. This country has become a nest of self-centered, myopic, ill-educated, bigoted Americans, who react emotionally rather than logically when presented with an opportunity to vote in favor of their civilization’s self-interest.

I am not asking you to agree with me. I am asking you to consider with an open mind  and open heart what it is I am trying to explain with as much nuance as I can.

A part of the writing profession is beta reading and editing. To be successful (or at least decent) one must study grammar, vocabulary. Culture. Psychology, or at least get the gist of what drives people. Having a nit-picky eye for detail is important– it’s the difference between mediocre and stellar. I’m referencing this because I feel that dismissing someone with a proven eye for detail is an error.

That said, before the election, my non-political views were shrugged off– unless they were helpful  or amusing to you, personally. My views when beta reading and editing help point out things you may have missed, didn’t consider, or even pedantic nuances that conjure a more rooted sense of reality (for example, it’s hard to rip panties off if they are worn beneath a garter belt– the straps holding the stocking up impede one from removing them in a fluid motion; it’s nit-picky detail that is realistic and logical. If a reader has been in that situation, the author may bump the reader from the reality they are trying to craft) that one needs to keep a reader engrossed. My eye for detail is inconvenient when it goes against wants; however that doesn’t mean it is not factual.

Why is it when I apply this same level of analysis to politics that I’m regarded as a nutjob? Why is it when I point out facts that are relevent to situations and people, they are ignored? Why is it when I provide the tools for research, they get an eye-roll and I get lectured on some manufactured talking point? Are you incapable of reading through the information– even from sources you may not like– and come to a conclusion for yourself? Is your want of critical thinking that lacking? Must you be told what to think by talking heads, that here I am, imploring you to expand your reading repertoire?

You can’t escape facts. You can’t escape the reality of the situation. And the sooner you realize that politics is nothing more than two chess games– one played atop the table for the public eye and one played beneath the table for only those in the know– and start focusing on what’s happening with the game kept from the public eye, the better.

Start reading history; I realize research can suck when its dry reading, but dammit, this shit has already happened, has already been documented, and it’s happening again. And it’ll continue happening until people start waking the fuck up.

I respect you. I respect your opinions. I understand why you have those opinions. But you failed to give any other viewpoint the same kind of consideration.

You’re liberal. You’re open-minded. But you’re short-sighted. Hating Trump voters because they chose a conman who offered the lie of change from a system that’s been breaking the country apart, instead of choosing the candidate which represented the status quo of said system isn’t any better than hating African-Americans or Mexicans. You’re hating a group without understanding their perspectives and backgrounds. You’re projecting your views of them, (such as Trump voters “are racist and misogynistic, violent and stupid”) you’re making them into less than a person because they aren’t like you. That this one defining feature binds them all and it’s a negative connotation in your opinion. You preach the party of line of don’t be a racist douchebag, hating on people you don’t know, yet here you are, hating on people because they wanted to break the system that’s been breaking them. Everytime I see someone on social media spew their hated of their fellow Americans it sickens me because how is that any different than some racist asshole bagging on a person of color? You’re being divisive in a time when this country needs unity to keep it from further fracturing apart. Yet you chose to widen the divide, like a Trump-based Jim Crow– you talk down to them, as though they are inferior to you because you see them as inferior to you. And for that, may this be the only time I say Fuck you for being an asshole, to you. In my eyes, you’re no better than alpha jerkwad in this regard, trying to kowtow people into following your line of thinking or belittling them for not doing so. There is no attempt to reason, only order them to toe the line. There is no outreach, only scorn. And you wonder why the country is the way it is.

No, it’s not the same as racism. People don’t get to pick what ethnicity they are born with, but you may want to consider those who are in dire straights from working a fulltime job (or more) and still can’t pay bills isn’t going to vote for a candidate not fighting for change in their favor.

I’m not saying you need to be pals with every single person, but you do need to acknowledge that:

  • You have not lived their life or have all their experiences that helped form their perspective on the world. 
  • Despite different backgrounds, we all have to deal with the direction our country is going– we are all Americans. 
  • If we want this country to succeed, we must unite for a common goal despite differences in backgrounds, creeds, and perspectives. 

As long as the citizens of America are fighting amongst themselves, we can’t unite to fix what is wrong with this country. Considering Trump got elected, there’s something VERY wrong with this country.

Are you happy with your bread and circuses? Or are you ready for actual change? Remember, an arrow goes forward with tremendous force after it’s been pulled back under tension.

Please, do yourself a favor and start watching some alternative media before it’s made illegal. Youtube has already started banning people who report against the state-approved story… so North Korea, here we come.  If you really give a shit about this country’s future and the voices that are trying to wake people up, I suggest Jimmy Dore, Redacted Tonight, The Humanist Report, H.A. Goodman, The Young Turks, Tim Black. They are progressive voices all offering different perspectives and damn relevant points. You won’t agree 100% with all they say, which is a good thing otherwise they’d be echo chambers. No, they aren’t corporate media, but a few of them have worked for corporate media before they decided to get out and report facts.

You may also want to consider that things released by Wikileaks are fully vetted before going live. In their ten year history, they’ve never redacted a single document. Think about that for a moment. Not every journalistic publication can boast of a flawless reporting history, but Wikileaks can. So when they release documents that verify corruption, you may want to take them seriously, as they do relate to this country’s path. Don’t start giving a shit because Trumplestien got a red carpet entrance into the White House — give a shit because corruption in our politicians and a failure to uphold ethics and integrity is detrimental to our country’s security regardless of who it relates to — because people such as I have been trying to tell you this for months. We tried building bridges of communication, as that is a necessity for success. We tried to tell you and we were told to shut up and toe the line. Do you see where that attitude got us? It got us Trump. I won’t blame you for Trump, unless you’re a part of the Electoral College.

I respect you as a fellow human being, complete with your own set of views and life experiences. I love you as a fellow human being, walking the earth with me. I hope that you will forgive me for speaking harsh truths, but they need to be said. I have hope that we can all work together, otherwise we fall apart. This country needs more common threads of humanity and less hate. We already have enough of it without yours. No, you may not be physically attacking people in the streets, but you are engaging in behavior that doesn’t benefit the country. You’re acting like those very vocal Trump followers you indicate you despise.

Here’s a start: if Trump proposes something dangerous, outrageous, or stupid, we get vocal as hell. And if he proposes something that actually benefits the country, then we support it. If you’re hell-bent on nay-saying everything Trump says just like the Republicans did to Obama, then you know what? You’re a Republican, so own it. Don’t call yourself someone who cares about the country when all you plan to do is make a point at the expense of your fellow Americans. Even a broken clock is correct two times a day– and if Trumplestien offers something that can help America heal, then we should take it. We don’t need to engage in cult of personalities– because that kind of thinking got us Trump. If all you can see is his personality and fail to see the larger picture, then you’re hindering progress. If you refuse to accept fact without thoroughly researching the subject matter and deciding after reviewing evidence, then your critical thinking is damaged. There’s so much more at stake than Trump. Did you know that?

No, you didn’t. You’re too busy focusing on the latest soundbites instead of educating yourself.

A report published in 2015 (that’s pre-Trump, so don’t blame him for this) by Deagel, a military contractor, forecasts that the American population is going to take a huge dive. Well, America in general.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If I haven’t pissed you off enough, maybe you’ll consider my point of view when I offer insight into something you may have missed or not considered. Maybe trust that I’ve read quite a bit non-fiction and have studied history. I offer this, my little podcast/show, where I provide screenshots and cite sources. Maybe accept that your perspective is valid, but can always be expanded.

America needs as many clear-thinking, logical, ethical citizens ready to hold the establishment responsible for its actions. We need people ready to engage and help, not stand in the way of progress and healing.

With respect and frustration,


Pizzagate isn’t the first time this topic has been blown off and ignored so it could continue…

I think it can go without saying much, that this election was a certifiable clusterfuck. We witnessed the media reporting bias and not fact; spin was their preferred method of relaying what people perceived as ‘facts’… but more than just that was revealed to those paying attention. We saw our country hit bottom of the barrel, skimming dregs off the bottom and offering those as candidates and trying to polish those turds. It didn’t work.

Now, through the Podesta email wikileaks, we stumble across evidence of something that has been lurking in our country for decades… child trafficking.

“Wait,” you’re thinking. “No way, that’s bullshit, stop lying you hateful person.”

Um, no. There’s been precedents set time and again by the government, through the military and military contractors, the CIA, and help in hiding it from the FBI, at least in the 80’s. Seems now they want to break this shit open and shine some sterilizing sunlight into the darkness. In fact, there’s documentation to back up my claims. All links have been achieved; the cover up concerning the Podesta brothers and their sex ring has begun and Wikipedia has already scrubbed and/or deleted their pages concerning aspects of this case.

I am hoping that you’re anti-sexual abuse. I’m hoping you don’t want your tax dollars going toward helping and hiding this shit. And even if there are no kids harmed by Comet Ping Pong, wouldn’t it be best if we had an unbiased, third party conduct an investigation, thus ruling out the possibility of children being exploited? I’d rather my taxes go toward protecting kids than hiding and assisting pedophiles getting their rocks off. Your milage may vary.

P I Z Z A G A T E .

Yeah. Let’s address “propaganda,” “fake news,” and shit that happened and you probably don’t recall much, if at all. But it happened (and it was documented and now archived). And how our government, as a whole, handled each instance is less than acceptable. Shutting down discussion of sexual abuse is what abusers do.

Don’t be a gaslighting douchebag when there are well-documented facts backing up what I’m laying down.
*Franklin Cover-Up/White House Call Boy Scandal, 1970’s-1980s Nebraska. Credit Union in NE used by the CIA to launder money from cocaine sales to fund the Iran Contras. The guy running the credit union groomed kids from Boys Town to serve as sex toys in DC. Tom Brokaw touched on it in a news report, calling the boys, “prostitutes” instead of trafficked children.  The spin is evident; Attorney general didn’t want to touch the fact those kids were 13-15 and flown in from the Midwest to serve the sexual desires of politicians, and instead focused on the fraud of politicians using credit cards to purchase child rape “services.” John DeCamp was the lawyer representing three of the victims and wrote a book about the case. It’s a hard, horrific read which names several prominent politicians and acts of ritualized abuse/Satanism/Black Mass. If what he described was false, his book would be slander/libel and those named would go after him to redact it; they haven’t. Because in order to do so, they would have to face evidence… and their secrets would be out in the public eye and on TV instead of in an obscure book. So they let it slide with the occasional threat to his life.
“What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.”

~Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to his friend Senator John DeCamp, urging him to cease his investigation into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences (‘The Franklin Coverup’, 2nd edition, foreword).

If you recall Oliver North getting crapped upon for the Iran Contra thing, that’s on purpose. Deflect from the pedophile ring and onto something less risque, like selling coke to fund CIA shenanigans.
*The Presidio Day Care scandal (1987) involved “satanism” (One guy was Church of Set) and sexual abuse; those sickos preyed on young ones who would be unable to testify in court. Children ended up with STDs. This was hushed up by the government. Wikipedia already removed the page due to the exposure from Podesta’s emails/Pizzagate. But, luckily the NYT has an archive.   West Point and Fort Dix both have similar cases of abuse, sexual and physical, in a day care and in which the Army brushes away concerns lest it rock the boat.
*DEA has underage sex parties, no consequences. They literally solicited underage ‘prostitutes’ while in Colombia investigating a cartel. Oh, by the way, those sex workers worked for that very cartel.
*The US Ambassador to Belgium (assigned by HRC) solicited children. Her state department covered it up.  Funny enough in a not funny way, is that Belgium also dealt with Marc Dutroux; arrested for running a child porn ring, kidnapping, murder… things that echo the Pizzagate issue, including ties to that country’s elite and catering to their depraved tastes.
DynCorp and Halliburton trafficked women through the Eastern bloc.  Children were abused. American citizens don’t recall it much if at all because the modern media works for the CIA. They don’t want their secret out, but with how technology has changed, they can’t keep up with the information released (since they aren’t the ones controlling it), and the resources available online to verify these facts. So, they throw out spin-doctored tales, some misinformation so the populace stays calm, docile, easily manageable. We’re already pissed with the election clusterfuck, like hell do the American people need a stick in the eye to rile them up even more.
Norway had a huge pedo sex ring busted last month. The mainstream media that covered it Nov 20th removed their articles. Why is that, I wonder? Why remove such articles en mass, when European media is still talking about it? Oh wait, cover up. And they only cover up stuff when it’s really baaad.
Makes me also wonder why Reddit is banning any discussion about pgate; why is YouTube pulling vids and comments about it; why Twitter banned a user for outing a pedophile ring operating on their servers; why there’s so much energy being put into spinning it as a hoax and false narrative. I’d think any decent person would want an investigation if children are at risk.
Are you aware Marc Rubio had brought attention to diplomats trafficking people into the USA, to have it brushed off by the State Department? 
Or that in 2000, a council HRC lead tried “bringing legitimacy to prostitution and hard-core pornography” to the UN? 
Want to know what happens in DC when a girl reports she was raped twice?  Oh hai, the owner of that pizza place has the utter support of the DC police?  … nice. But hey, the city planner said in 2008 C P P was a haven of rape and murder, so it’s not like he’s in the kickback chain. Oops, too soon?
There has been a precedent set, time and again, that our government turns a blind eye to the trafficking of children.  They don’t give a crap about the plebes; we’re cattle and oxen to them. The UN doesn’t care. They simply have no fucks to give, unless it involves opportunities to rape kids.
This crap is EVERYWHERE. When do we, as a people, start taking the topic seriously instead of dismissing it because it sounds outlandish that wealthy people do horrible things because they can get away with it and our government is complicit?
If you want the truth, to be “red pilled,” as they say, then do some research beyond the scope of what the media feeds you. Study the CIA’s history. The pre-CIA during WWII was the OSS; they brought Nazi scientists over to the US and instilled them in various labs, universities, and hospitals. (Search for Project Paperclip.) They used Nazi torture techniques on American citizens — Manchurian Candidate was based off that work… guess it’s easier to believe fiction than the truth? (search for Project MK Ultra; it was an umbrella for a shitload of projects relating to mind control via drugs and torture [movie The Men Who Stare At Goats makes mention of it] In 1977, the vast majority of files relating to those projects were destroyed; the “spirit cooking” can relate to that, as it was documented that the CIA used religion and satanism as a means to control people via fear) They got people addicted to morphine (Project Artichoke) They forced people to be sex slaves. (Project Monarch)… in 1995, Bill Clinton issued an apology to the victims of human experimentation by the government.
CIA founded The Finders, a group that kidnapped and trafficked children. Retired FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson wrote a report about them.
If you read the Carl Bernstein link, you’ll see how the CIA uses media personalities for gathering intelligence and issuing propaganda. That’s all mainstream media is now. And those speaking out are being silenced. Since when did we live in North Fucking Korea?
Pizzagate isn’t about a little pizza joint, as James Alefantis is low on the totem pole of rot. The actuality is the trafficking of people, across the world. CIA is trying to cover it up like they did the Franklin/Boys Town/White House Call Boy Scandal; the change in technology since the 80’s is making it hard. The best they can do is spin this crap like it’s a vinyl record and have their mouthpieces push the narrative they want you to hear.

However, we have screenshots of social media accounts belonging to people associated with the Podesta brothers (including the owner and employees of the pizza place) making sexual references about said pizza place;

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use known pedophile logos in their business signs,
 We have an email from Tony Podesta, where he states he’s still in a torture chamber; should be noted he has a preference for gory art, as well as artists with a preference of painting children being abused. 

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Tony Podesta is a listed foreign agent for Saudi Arabia. His brother John, was the campaign chair for Hillary Clinton, counsel to Obama, and Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, and it was his emails which were leaked.  He has many fingers in many pies; many connections. Just like convicted child sex trafficker, Jeffery Epstein. Here’s Epstein’s “Black Book,” heavily redacted. Interesting though, who is in it. Such as Cheryl Mills, HRC’s Chief of Staff and family lawyer and Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s henchman who threw a fit when Chelsea wanted to audit the doings of the Clinton Foundation. Oh, and the White House is in the black book, too.

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Do the actual research and know what you’re dealing with. Don’t be intellectually lazy, depending on regurgitated crap coughed up by a corrupt arm of the government which has no problem “silencing” people who rock the boat. In this matter, go by actions, not by words, especially when those words are desperately trying to quell the rising tide of citizen investigation when the spotlight is right on them and their words don’t match the info that’s already out there.

Those pushing the false narrative that dissenting voices are “fake news,” despite facts saying other wise are trying to hide something. The whole scope of it hasn’t been uncovered. Tip of the iceberg. People will not let this die, and for good reason.

Fun fact. Just today, the San Francisco office of the FBI hashtagged HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

So, uh… maybe we’re on to something.


I started a spitefic of Fifty Shades of Grey a few years back. It sat untouched for almost a year. And then, inspiration came. This whole election provided creative fodder. Little did I realize the plot I laid forth in 2014 could support the reality of our human trafficking world. Fucking Bizarro World, man.

Congrats for making it this far.

Red pill delivered.