Inaugural post. I feel so special!

It’s officially 2013. Yay! We survived the zombie apocalypse, and maybe, just maybe, we will survive to see 2014 roll around. 


To celebrate our earth not crashing into the sun or ambulatory decomposing bodies trying to nom-nom our brains, I have made my first novel available on Kindle. I mean, I realize that doesn’t sound terribly impressive, but allow me to assure you, it is oh so very impressive. Imagine, if you will, a romance so epic that it spans time itself.

Oh yeah. That epic.

But that’s not all! Oh hellz no. 

A Toast to Starry Nights is a contemporary romance where the heroine must battle inner demons that threaten to keep her from meeting her hunny at the alter. Kidnappings, drug raids, sarcasm and awesome friends… they all play a role in keeping our protagonist on her path towards self-exploration. And then there’s the sex and stuff.

So enough with the vague.

If you want my saucy, finger-licking good novel, you can find it at Amazon, eagerly awaiting your delectation. 


Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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