Eye Candy: Abigail Barnette’s THE BOSS [ch 1]

Today, I’d like to bring your attention to a wonderful project, THE BOSS by Abigail Barnette. Why is it awesome? Glad you asked.

I think it’s spiffy on a couple of levels, mainly because it’s a gigantic middle finger lifted high towards trash books. [Disclosure: mindless novels to while away time, cool. Trash books are ones that are poison to society, like 50 Shades of Gray, which advocates domestic abuse [not the sex scenes… every other scene that is filled with manipulation and constant fear of a ‘loved one’] THE BOSS is being released chapter by chapter, every two weeks at : Abigail Barnette’s THE BOSS

THE BOSS is the story of Sophie, a modern woman taking on the fashion industry as an assistant to a magazine editor. Sophie has things handled, daily regimen and all. Until the auspicious day when her boss, the editor, never shows up to work, after being canned.

The whole office is in an uproar. Amidst this chaos, Neil makes his appearance. Neil, you see, is the owner of said magazine. He owns a lot of things, being wealthy… and that includes the plane ticket Sophie was going to use 6 years prior to head toward Tokyo to avoid college.

Before Sophie went to college, she thought about running away to Japan. A flight delay and chance meeting with Neil (using the moniker, “Lief”) resulted in clothing strewn over the expanse of a hotel room for a single night.

The single hottest night of Sophie’s life.

So here she was, wondering wtf, and here he was, giving no indication of remembering such a tawdry night.

That puts Sophie in a wee tizzy, being that it was ten kinds of awesome sex.

I’ll just say the first chapter ends with a great, smirk-inducing hook.

The writing flows very well, and the reader gets a grasp of how Sophie navigates her world. She is a competent heroine– intelligent, savvy, and not completely bowled over by Neil’s mere presence.

If you are a fan of sharp writing, I suggest you give THE BOSS a read. No excuses! It’s free! The only real downside I see is that it’s so long between chapters. Personally, if I’m enjoying what I’m reading, then I will want to finish what I started. Being cockblocked after a single chapter is a little frustrating  Happy thought? Knowing there’s a chapter two on the way!


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