Line in the sand.

So if you’re not on Twitter, you probably missed it– EL James calling people who see their abuse in the 50 Shades trilogy “Witches and Trolls” for pointing it out. Doesn’t help that James also blocks anyone who does not have a good word for her writing/subject matter.

People who have seen their abuse in the pages of James’ work do not deserve to be called names. 

My answer:

Nothing is sacred. I take pot shots at EL James, Twilight, James’ tendency to reuse the same words as many times as she can when she writes a run-on sentence, Zombies/Vampires and pretty much anything that comes to mind.

I’m aiming for pumping 1 chapter a day, give or take. Got kids and a gramma to manage. SO there, survivors– you have a snarkfest to embrace because the Inner Bitch Goddess saves the day.


Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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