In Defense of Ros. And Fuck You, Joffery [A GoT Rant]

Once upon a time, there was a castle in the north called Winterfell. And outside the mighty walls of said castle, dwelled a wee village with its own whorehouse. But this was no mere whorehouse; it held a gem by the name of Ros.
Ros was a rambunctious redhead with big breasts, and had the ability to charm men using her, uh, wiles. She put Theon in his place and flirted with Tyrion. But then war came when the Lord of Winterfell died by order of a shitheaded little fucker who severely needs to get his throat ripped out by Nymeria, you know, after being curbed American X style. Then his head rent from his body and stuck upon a pike and marched around the capital city so all can cheer that the incestuous bastard who is the sum of all that is wrong in the world  is FINALLY fucking dead after tormenting so many poor lives. Yes, I fucking hate Joffery, and if I sound slightly unhinged, pardon moi. I just hope the fucking producers write a death worthy of such an arrogant sack of blonde puke and spunk. Seriously, if he gets poisoned and dies in his sleep, I might rampage. I fucking hate him, and here’s me hoisting my tankard high in hopes that he suffers.   Ahem, I digress.
Ros was a bright woman with ambition. She knew her fate lay where there were people and power.  She traveled south to Kings Landing and got caught up with Littlefinger the fucking fucktard son of a bitch. Mr. Littlefinger was not a good man to work for, and as Ros came to find out, cared little about the workers in his brothel.
It was within the walls of Littlefinger’s establishment, that a baby was murdered. Rumors flew of him selling his depressed sex workers to deviants as soon-to-be-dead toys. Littlefinger cared naught for any, unless something went amiss with his profit margins.
Littlefinger didn’t give much of a shit that Ros was forced to beat another prostitute under the king’s direction as he got his fucking jollies.
After suffering horrible experience after traumatic nightmare, she worked up the ranks in search of a better life.
Ros, the bright and beautiful woman, left her former profession behind and became assistant to Littlefinger, and privy to his schemes, especially a specific scheme involving a young noble woman held hostage at court. A young noble woman who grew up in the castle of Winterfell.
Despite being a spy for the Master of Whispers, Ros cared about the young noble woman, being that they both grew up in the same area, and the noble woman’s father was once Ros’ lord.
Ros told the Master of Whispers of Littlefinger’s plot.
Littlefinger found out.  Littlefinger was a spiteful prick.
He gave Ros to Joffery as a plaything. And as the sack o’Lannister spunk got his jollies, he killed the one character I really liked. 

Oh, Joffery. I don’t need to tell you this, I’ll share because it applies.

I was shocked to find out how Ros got written out of Game of Thrones. Granted, she wasn’t a canon character, nor terribly important to the plot, but I found her fun and refreshing. And I liked how all the men at Winterfell “knew” Ros.

A) I’d like to thank the producers for having her on as long as they did.

B) Seriously, I hope they do justice with Joffery’s death (ahem)

C) For reals. G.R.R. Martin can’t let them do anything less.


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