A journey to the frisky side of life.

If you don’t follow me on twitter, you are unaware that I’m starting an erotica career under the pen name Alana Twincannon. All my work published under that moniker will be short and tawdry stories designed to titillate and uh, stuff.

So, here’s my first offering for the erotica genre:

Rebecca Hollas is a modern woman. In the year 2053, America is an ultra-power, having absorbed China into its midst. Nearly forty years of conservative reform has crafted a world focused on the elite; every politician has their own Stress Management Officer who provides one-on-one erotic slavery at a moment’s notice.

In a land where an SMO’s “uniform” is a sheer silk tunic, garterbelt and thigh-high stockings, and her power being based on those she knows in authority positions, Rebecca is recruited to infiltrate the rival political party and help engineer its downfall. Her inner turmoil manifests itself as a desire to truly defect… into the arms of the man she’s supposed to destroy.

What’s a secretary posing as a spy pretending to be a revolutionary supposed to do?


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