I’m a goddamn tie-dyed communist, evidently.

Born and raised American. Grew up with the national pride that we, as Americans, are leaders, examples, could do no wrong.

Then I grew up. Realized things aren’t really as they seem.  And that makes me a sad panda, as I have two kids and want their future to suck less than what it seems it’ll be like.

I’ve got some beefs with America, as it is now; some deep grudges which I feel need to be addressed before this country utterly ruins itself beyond redemption.

America was founded on the notion that we all are equals. That is why we have a Mister President not a Lord High President. Washington didn’t want to elevate himself over the populace, didn’t want to foster a class system ala England.

But now, our ‘higher’ government officials get sweetheart deals; lifetime salary, primo healthcare… you know, things that elevate those posh few above the rest of us poor plebeians who sully their oxygen by breathing it deep into our lungs and then have the audacity to exhale.

Just so I can set the proper snarkish tone to this rant, allow me to introduce you to a scene from the movie, Tropic Thunder.

Let’s view it in this context: Newly elected congress/senate/pres/vp/superior Court official meeting the real power, seeing the power, getting seduced by the power, even though it goes against their personal integrity/morality.

We done fucked that up, now didn’t we? When there’s a whole class of people getting a lifetime pat on the head for what should be a temporary job, that fosters an elitist society, aka the 1% we hear about oh so often.

ITEM THE FIRST – Minimum Wage

Personally, I think all congress, senate,  would-be contenders for the Throne of ‘Merica to live a minimum wage lifestyle for a bare-minimum of 6 months, so they can see first hand what it’s like for the majority of the country to scrape by paycheck to paycheck. Don’t let them grandfather in their healthcare, make them pay out of pocket for services just like the rest of America does, but on a tight budget.  Let them live the average American life, not the suped-up version. Maybe it’ll give them a better perspective on how to improve ALL American lives.


The cynic in me does believe that if such an exercise were to happen, it’d be sullied by those cheating the system.



ITEM THE SECOND – Abortion and Social Services.

The House of Representatives recently voted to cut 2 Billion from Foodstamps. And in a huge insult to the women of Texas, it was voted to reduce access to abortion, thus increasing  the people who will need those foodstamps to survive.

Oh, and to the fucktards who chant, “She had sex, she DESERVES to deal with the consequences,”, just shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and listen. If you honestly think women should be essentially punished with pregnancy because they, for some reason, got knocked up, then you suck as a human being. Condoms and birth control are fallible and above all other things, humans are animals. We have an innate need to fornicate and/or procreate. To deny the urges that ensure the continuation of our species, whether for pleasure or not, is to deny our very essence. Sex, art, and death have been a part of our civilization for at least 20,000 years, if the ancient cave paints mean anything. If you think a woman should be punished (and when one says, “deal with the consequences” and abortion isn’t available, that means give birth to a child that is either a) unwanted, b) being born into a household with limited resources, c) put up for adoption, thus further ‘punishing’ the mother who gets little closure other than the hope she made the right choice. Because you know, open adoptions are a nice band-aid, but it really must be a kick in the ovaries to see a child you gave birth to calling another woman ‘mommy’, but that involves compassion and if anything, the government is NOT about compassion.

Here’s a question I’d love answered: Why cut down on social services and access to abortion so women are basically forced to act as breeding machines? Is this some sort of fucked up plan to create generations of people who’s only out from blinding poverty is to join the military (and end up on foodstamps)? Thousands of people to throw out as cannon fodder?



This one will be short and sweet, I promise.

If you are born in America, or go through the hoops to get your citizenship, you are American. We don’t need to divide our citizens with Irish, African, Japanese, Italian  American. You are on the shores of this country; everybody has a heritage, a linage what cannot be taken away from them. To proudly proclaim yourself as “Irish-American” does no real good.

Say you are American. Because you are. Not saying you’re not “African-American” or “Italian-American,” but where your ancestors came from doesn’t dictate your destiny in this country. Be American. A Proud American, even. But to divide people by culture, ancestry, creed, or religion, is to divide. And you know what? The more we, the American plebes throw around words that keep us from being one seething mass hell-bent on claiming our country back, the easier it is for those who pull the strings to control us.

Insidious, isn’t it?


I’m done ranting for now, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. This country has so much potential… but the fact that an African nation (yeah, what one would consider at one time, a  Third-World Country) has paid maternity leave while in America families are scraping just to get by so they can get back to work to provide diapers and food for the family… yeah. Something ain’t right.


Stats say I do have readers, so those given the brain-food… tell me, what are your peeves about this country?


Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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