Observations of a Kindle Self-Pubbed Author


Last year, I published my first novel on Kindle; didn’t make much in the way of sales. Let’s face it, books haven’t been so easy to acquire nor inexpensive to produce. Stories are quite literally a baker’s dozen for free.

So with just my lonesome story up, there wasn’t much interest. Changed covers to something a bit more saucy, nada.

Last month I began to post stories I’d been sitting on, and my Fifty Shades of Grey spite-fic (which despite not having any listed ties to FSoG, has done the best of all my stories) … sales have gone up.

One story in particular has done well, but almost all my available works have at least one sale.


In regards to the Kindle Select Program, one can have certain days where novels are free; what I have observed in regards to that, is I’ll move 500+ units, get -maybe- one review, and if I’m really  lucky, sell one of my not-free novels. I have noted that there is an increase in my sales when I have a novel on promotion, especially now that I have a selection available.

So, lesson learned: promos -can- be nice, get a reader looking at other works; but they are not a guarantee for sales or reviews. One is giving away the work to people who may not read it; generally those who purchase -will read- whereas freebies have a toss-away value to some.

But promos do get one’s name out there for readers to take a gander at random works. And that is a perk.




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