So this is what’s going on with me:



A) Been sick as a dog. Except without the licking my ass part– which makes me wonder why dogs aren’t sicker? Just as a side note, I freak if I see a dog lick it’s nethers then wander my way to bestow doggy kisses on any bared flesh. Seriously, icky ewwww. I can’t understand those who let their dogs kiss them on the face/mouth/OPEN MOUTH (holding back the chunks here) after said canine tossed it’s own salad and maybe, just possibly, spent quality time with testes before frenching its owner. Scarred for life, I tell you. It’s worse than my clown phobia IT cultured. Fucking Pennywise/Awesome Tim Curry. The mixed feelings, I tell you! A conundrum of the worst sort.


B) Been packing. Have I mentioned I hate packing? Because once it’s packed, it’s gotta be unpacked. And I hate that shit. Especially when it’s my kids unpacking what I packed right after I packed the damn thing.


C) Going to be moving next week. So, on one hand, Huzzah! New digs, my own space again! On the other hand, see item B. Bonus is my new apartment is cheap, nice, and very close to my kid’s doctor, my son’s specialist and across the street from the local hospital (as featured in A Toast to Starry Nights) which is next door to Behavioral Health (see item A) so yay for that.


D) Since GoodReads got the bulk of entries for my giveaway, the entries for Rafflecopter were scarce, but there is a winner (yay!) so three Canadians and three Americans are super awesomely lucky (but Krys P is the lucky winner of two books) to get Darker Shade of Pale.


E) I restrung my guitar today, so it was basically productive despite some fucknut busting out the back window of my jeep cherokee while I was buying my strings. So, yeah.


F) A new Vlog O’Ranty will be up later this week, and a video review of Abigail Barnette’s The Boss and The Girlfriend. 


So stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “So this is what’s going on with me:

  1. 😀 I’m a winnnnnerrrr!!! I can’t wait to get my books! Did you send them yet? Do you even have my address? Hahaha!

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