Burning Revenge….

Ok, this post is via mobile. So if spelling/grammar/syntax take a beating, it’s because of that.

So, a while back I had this awesome dream that involved drugs, spaceships, and dragons (I so totally blame Game of Thrones for the Dragon part) I am working into a novel. Here is a preview of Burning Revenge.


A manicured hand shot through the
closing elevator door, and like magic, the
portal opened wide to reveal a very
attractive man dressed in a charcoal grey
suit cut in the Bikmisal style; long and
flowing with little decoration. His tawny
hair glinted beneath the recessed lighting
of the conveyance.

“Excuse me. Mind if I…?” He
gestured, wanting to know if I minded him
joining me in the elevator car.

I replied, “No, of course.” Unless he
was a creeper. Too many hands-on types
were at this Sector’s meeting. Politics,
ever the male-dominated pissing contest,
seemed to breed creepers. Thank
goodness for Taser pens. Mine resided in
a sheathe sewn into my sleeve.

He stepped into the elevator and
pushed the button for the lobby. Doors
swooshed shut and down we went.
Curiosity sat in his voice. “Are you here for
the summit?”

I had my attention on the sign
posted, stating the elevator’s maximum
weight limit. Turned and looked into a set
of green eyes that positively glowed with
an inner fire. It twinkled and flickered, and
I knew in that moment, whoever this was,
was a dignitary from Iocyne.

“Yes I am.”

His eyebrows quirked and he
asked, “This is the first time I’ve seen you
at a summit. How are you finding the

I smiled at him. “Interesting. It’s
been wonderful to see all the delegates,
though.” While most wore suits
reminiscent of western society on Old
Earth, some preferred their native
costume, the colors and cuts delighted my
eye. Anthropology was a hobby, and now
being here in Velmaris, I couldn’t help but
think that four-generations ago, my
ancestors from Old Earth forged a new
colony and here we are today, a thriving
society making allies with other

The Cynari colonized Iocyne. Where
they were from before, I have no idea. But
the lick of fire in their gaze always gave
them away. “I’m not terribly fond of the
summit experience, but I do so enjoy
meeting new people.” He held out his
hand for me to shake. “I am Yrsen.”

I took his hand, his touch almost
hot, and shook. “Zelda.” Even when we
released hands, I could still feel the
warmth on my skin.

“Do all of your people have hair the
color of fire, Zelda?”

“No, not all. Most are shades of
brown or blonde, like you. All of your
people have fire in their eyes, it is said.”

He smiled. “That is true. One
cannot be Cynari without the flame of life.”

“Is that what it’s referred to? I’ve
always wondered.”

The elevator doors parted and
Yrsen held out an arm. “Is it not the
custom of your people to say, ‘ladies first’
when the opportunity presents itself?”

I smiled. “An antiquated custom,
but yes.” Stepped into the crowded lobby
and nodded toward Yrsen. “It was a
pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
Then I meandered to the conference
center for the start of today’s meeting, a
summit of sorts. The room sat close to six
hundred, all at round tables with a
holoscreen projected from the center, so
all could hear and see the speaker clearly.

The first speaker from Juilusank
talked about how it would benefit all here
to permit open commerce without the
heavy tariffs on exports. Second speaker
droned on about creating solar flare
protection and why eradicating asteroid
belts would help establish new trade
routes, although doing so would also
increase space debris.

The third speaker was Yrsen. He
strode up to the podium, squared his
shoulders and began an impassioned

“A plague is sweeping through this
sector, from Zibtha to Asovilso. This
scourge is the bane of all. Increased crime
and violence are the children produced by
this monster. Rendeise is a drug used by
those in power to keep people
complacent. It dulls their senses so they
can work until they die, without nutrition
or rest.

“That is slavery.

“If the worker dies, then they don’t
have to be paid, do they? This insidious
plague against all races, creeds, and
species knows no boundaries. It can be
airborne so children, too, fall victim to the
apathy begat by greed.”

Behind him flicked on a screen,
presenting a slideshow of dead bodies
piled before hovels and huge buildings.
Some lined the roads in forest, others
rotted beneath the sun in some incredibly
dry-looking place. Bodies floated in rivers
and seas, bloated and grotesque.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Rendeise is
a weed on Iocyne, growing wild around
the oases. It is a vital part of the
ecosystem, as there are dozens of
animals dependent upon it for
sustenance. The patrols we have are
inadequate to keep the slavers from
decimating Iocyne. And quite frankly,
there are a number of planets that have
the elements necessary to manufacture
Rendeise on a commercial scale, thereby
creating an invasive species of plant
which would destroy native ecosystems.

“I humbly beseech you all on the
behalf of Iocyne and the Cynari, to help us
prevent those who destroy and kill from
taking Rendeise off Iocyne to use as an
intoxicant. Millions of beings have died
already. How many more will be enslaved
with the bonds of chemical dependence?”

His speech now over, Yrsen left the
podium and returned to his seat. More
delegates made their debates while I sat
lost in thought.

When a stop was called for the day,
I sought to find Yrsen in the throng of
bodies. Spotted him through the
gelatinous form of a Nixys, speaking to
the Sector’s Summit director. When they
were through speaking, I strode over and
smiled. “If you don’t mind, I have some
questions about the Rendeise issue.”

With a smile, Yrsen replied,
“Certainly. Shall we find somewhere
quieter to speak?”

I nodded and said, “Follow me.” We
walked to the pod station and waited for
another elevator. Once the clear doors
faded away, we stepped inside. I entered
my room number into the brightly lit
console and the membrane door formed
before whisking us up and to the right.
When the door melted away again, my
room lay before us.

“Your hotel room?”

I smiled. “This wasn’t a convoluted
seduction, I promise.”

“Too bad for me,” and Yrsen
flashed his smile again.

The sensation of blood pounding
into my face washed over me as the pod
closed its door again and the wall
reformed to my room in the embassy.
Without wasting time, I made for my
bedside and retrieved my holotablet from
the nightstand. “On Ternova, we’ve had a
drastic increase in deaths in lower income
communities.” I swiped at the holotablet’s
screen and projected images I’d
photographed of impoverished areas.
Bodies rotting in various stages of
decomposition as those still alive were
skeletonized and near death themselves.
Swiped another image, this time of an all-girls orphanage-turned-brothel. “From
what I’ve been able to find out, a
substance known as ‘wedreed’ is
distributed from this building.”


“That’s what they call Rendeise, at
least where I took these images.”

“Who owns that building?”

I cleared my throat. “Xed Miro.”

“And who is that?” Yrsen prompted
me, urgency in his voice.

“He’s not quite a mobster, not quite
an assassin.”

The flames in his eyes seemed to
grow. “And how do you know all this?”

“You could say it’s been a hobby of
mine to find out things about people.”

The flame seemed to bank and
after a moment, he asked, “Just who are
you, Zelda of the Fiery Hair, and why are
you at a Sector Summit?”


Yrsen’s fiery gaze held my own.
Blood pounded in my veins. Reminded
myself he and I have a common enemy,
and that is Xed Miro.

I raised my chin a notch as I
answered his question of my identity. “I
am Lady Zelda, daughter of Dorfgan, heir
to Caglin, a country on Ternova. I am
representing our interests at this summit.”

Yrsen bowed low with an elegant
flare while his golden hair glinted from the
overhead lights. “I am Yrsen, Lord
Scientist of the Hiyolyne Oasis, appointed
by His High Lordship, Merin, King of the

“A scientist? I would have not
known, given the speech you made. What
is your expertise?”

Yrsen smiled, “Would that I could
tell you. Classified.”

I nodded. “Consider what I’ve told
you classified as well.”

“Already have.” He cleared his
throat and asked, “Do you know where to
eat in this place?”

“Well, there’s the dining hall. Just
stay away from the soup.”

With a quirked brow, Yrsen smiled.
“Why is that?”

“Soup shouldn’t move on its own

“Duly noted.”

I put the holotablet down, and
moved to the organic wall, Yrsen joining

“Your holotablet is dancing.”

My eyes followed his pointing
finger, and indeed, I was receiving a
transmission. Picked it up, and saw who it
was. Seemed no visual, only audio.


“Zelda, the plan failed. They set an
ambush on Mizuli. It’s Miro’s hideout.” My
father’s voice faded out. Then visual
kicked in as my saw Father lean forward. I
saw his bruised face reflecting through
the hologram image. Could hear a
pounding in the distance. “They’re coming
for me. Convince them all, Zelda. They’ll
come after you next to make a point. Miro
will move his hideout…” A boot came
crashing down on my father’s holotablet,
ending the transmission.

I stood silently holding my own
holotablet, hoping for another
transmission from my father. I knew it
would never come, though.

“I’m not so hungry, anymore.” I
couldn’t do anything. Felt trapped, that all
I could do is speculate at my father’s fate.
Even if I left now, it’d be three days back to
Ternova, another two to stock up, and
another for a primary and contingency

Yrsen looked to me, compassion in
his eyes. “You shouldn’t be left alone.
Going after him is dangerous.”

“You think I can’t take care of
myself?” I didn’t mean to use the
accusatory tone that indicated just how
pissed off I was, but the thought of being
babysat didn’t sit well.


2 thoughts on “Burning Revenge….

  1. I’m glad to see you are still writing… and writing a lot! lol I wasn’t able to get through all of it because it’s late here and my brain/eyes are shutting down on me, but it sounds interesting from what I did read!

    Ps- about the formatting… I read it like an epic poem. I thought it was also Beowulf inspired lol

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