Holy shit, Batman! A six dollar e-book?

Or why I think a novel is a better investment of time and money compared to cinema.

It is true, a huge number of ebooks sell for less than $3. Why people would choose to charge more for a commodity that is readily available? From this author’s point of view:

when a self publishing author puts a higher price on their work, obviously they treasure it more. Perhaps they wept tears of blood spiked with some single malt Scotch, as they poured their soul into their work.

Disclosure time: the novel that didn’t take much to write, is one of my cheaper works on Amazon. took a couple months to write, did it by chapter, didn’t take that long or that much energy to construct.

In the other hand, the book that took 10 years, off and on, to write is the one that I have priced the highest. I know what I put into that story, I know that it isn’t just light fluffy reading, I know that it will keep a reader entertained longer than a movie can. I know my book is worth the price because of that fact.

In a time when movies cost ten dollars just to see with no snacks or anything, a half hour of commercials, and three quarters of a room full of random people, I don’t see why people are so squeamish about paying a little more for quality entertainment, especially entertainment they can take with them and enjoy on the go.

I realize we live in a disposable society. cars from the 50’s were made to last a lifetime, modern cars your expected replace every 15 years. To go items are in disposable stuff, we have disposable cameras, we have pretty much disposable cell phones, even. The value of a dollar, is that it can be thrown away very easily. great many people do not think twice about throwing away a mere dollar, five dollars, ten dollars.

I, myself, I cannot live like that, so I put a price of A Toast to Starry Nights, $5.99. Because my book will last longer than a movie, it will entertain better than a movie, hell, you can even sneak away and drool over Dmitri and Kaylis pretty much won’t get that upset. The laughs alone from Jet…

Yes, I am that confident in my novel.

on a side note, I’m looking for beta readers. Project one is a science fiction noir. no sex.

Project 2 is vampires. vampire origins, womens positions in the early church, all sorts of things are going to be discussed in it. if you’re interested in beta reading please leave a message or hit me up on Twitter. I’m willing to beta other peoples workas, so again, hit me up.

go forth and read!


2 thoughts on “Holy shit, Batman! A six dollar e-book?

  1. I might be able to beta for you, but it may take me a bit because I have been writing two stories at once. If you can’t find anyone else that can dedicate their full time to your story, seek me out. If you find someone, no hard feelings!

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