Vampires and one of my irks, all shaken and stirred.

I LOVE documentaries. Some people follow Honey BooBoo and Real Housewives like it’s crack via TV, while I hide in my pantry and watch YouTube and, as if I’m mainlining the big H.

It’s my fucking addiction. So, I was watching one about a Jesus-era tomb with a circle and chevron (the V like shape, not the gasoline peeps) that had a bunch of ossuaries– little stone coffins the Jewish population at the time used to intere the bones, which until then (a year after the death), were laid out in a shroud on a special shelf.

What the people in the documentary were proposing, was that they found the "Jesus Family Tomb" and that the ossuaries contained the remains of some of Jesus’ brothers, a woman called Mariamne, and a child named Juda. They believed Jesus married, had a child, because at the time, it would have been VERY unusual for a man to be in his thirties without being married.

Disclosure time: I grew up ambiguously Christian, but never really felt comfortable with it. In my teens, I became a quiet pagan. In my neck of the woods (NorCal) back then, especially– one did not advertise one was not of the mainstream religion UNLESS you had a skin color or other ethnic indicator that you were exempt from Christianity. Seriously, this place is bigoted like crazy, and anyone not conforming was at risk. I found a very pleasant solace in the Wiccan tradition my circle followed. Through college and until I got married, I considered myself strongly pagan. My husband was a Catholic-turned-Atheist, and in the beginning, a militant Catholic, until he found an Atheist forum that used logic rather than anger to bolster their beliefs. Nowadays, and certainly influenced by the guy I married, I consider myself Atheist with pagan leanings (yay, Tarot!) but have a deep fascination with the Christian religion (mainly because many years ago I was a kid that liked to ask a lot of questions and was told I was an unholy child for not adhering to the scripture and yadayadayada about burning in hell… fuck, I love reading about Christ and then comparing my experience with his "followers and adherents" to that of Judeo-Christians at the hands of Romans. Yes, I fully believe that if there were no consequences, there are several groups of people in my local area who’d be peachy with turning a Rodeo arena into a gladiatorial arena. No lions, but feral hogs are pretty scary critters we have on hand. All in the name of Converting in the name of Christ.

I’m just saying that I like learning/researching the early Christian Church. I know a hell of a lot more about the motivations and why the Bible is the way it is, what the Gnostic gospels are…. I find this stuff fascinating, especially since so much of society is based off it, uses it, misinterprets it to use as a power… this shit is amazing, and I mean that in a serious way.

However, I digress.

Anyhow, this documentary sparked one of those "what if…" moments for me, which ended up with a character’s monologue… and well, as they say the rest is history.

Inspired by Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnett’s The Boss, I’m going to be posting this tale, chapter by chapter right on this BatChannel.

What’s it about?

Glad you asked.

After the death of her family from a rampaging plague, and whispers of witchcraft upon the wind due to her cursed birth, Lisbet finds herself swept away by a traveling peddler. Rowan hoards his secrets as he does trade goods. In exchange for saving her from being burnt alive, she follows him, tending the sick they encounter on their way. As a betrothal gift, Rowan offers the most precious gift he possess. But to receive the gift and the secret of how the gift came to be – she must be convinced by him that he is Lazarus, still risen from the grave by Christ… and that the blood flowing through his vampire veins ran through the veins of Jesus of Nazareth himself — the blood she has to drink for immortality.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, one must have ethics regarding who to dine on, since murder is a sin…

So stay tuned for chapters of A TREATISE ON THE ETHICS OF VAMPIRES

I will actually post 2 Chapters today, because I’m feeling awesome. And I have dog treats to make (my dad’s black lab LOVES THEM because he’s a peanut butter and bacon addict, and I so enable that. I can admit it)


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