About time I posted something new, right?

Okay, they say schedules help people. Why, I have no idea, but I’m rolling with it for now. So I’ve decided to do a new weekly thing that involves posting educational material in an audio/visual format.

Say what now?

I’m addicted to documentaries. I don’t need box office hits for entertainment, I’m the sort who gets their shits and giggles via learning. I watch a lot of documentaries (#1 in my house, followed by Invader Zim, The Muppets, and Pixar flicks– in that order) and want to share my love of history, anthropology, science and other things that get me all tingly.

Fuck yes, I’m sapiosexual.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to delve into the documentary series, The Medieval Life: Birth, Marriage and Death, presented by Dr Helen Castor. Why would I want to share the awesomeness?

Check this: You know how the medieval life was pretty much ruled by the Church? Women were forbidden from the priesthood and all that jazz? Well, the midwife was the exception. She alone, as a female, had the power to baptize a newborn, if the baby wasn’t going to make it. She alone could do this, but had to be certified by the Church, otherwise words like Witch get thrown around. Midwives also had to wear red cloaks– it denoted their status and allowed them to travel unhindered at all hours of the day to attend "business".

Isn’t that interesting? Considering there are frescoes in a Roman catacomb that show a woman in the garb of a priest (these frescoes predate the Conference of Nicea, which effectively banned women from teaching others the gospel) which is to say, rather controversial, but through the power of vagina, there was a very select group that had permission to perform a Catholic rite.

I find that really fucking interesting.

So, stay tuned and I’ll give reviews of interesting things that may stoke the creative juices. Seriously, can’t tell you how many documentaries have influenced my plot lines. It’s awesome inspiration!


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