Need a little peace in your life? A small break from the hair-pulling numbness the embodies the frazzled masses and enjoy a breather.

Have six minutes of music with the magic of glitter dancing before falling to it’s final resting place (until the next shake)


Want to make your own?

I used:
-an old pepsi bottle
-hot water
-Alene’s Tacky Clear Gel glue
-Glitter glue
-micro glitter
-regular-sized glitter
-liquid food dye

fill repurposed soda bottle halfway with hot water. Hotter the better! Add half a bottle of the clear glue. Squirt in some glitter glue– what ever color you choose will be reflected in the final item’s fluid hue– then recap the bottle and shade the glue-water concoction until completely mixed. There will be a foam caused by the agitation, and that’s okay. It’ll go away.

Now it’s glitter time. I really love the opalescent micro glitter, but for the red bottle, I used red and gold. The more, the merrier says I. Recap and shake.

Now add more hot water and glue until the fluid’s viscosity is such that the glitter falls in such a way you can’t stop staring at it.

Recap, seal with hot glue, and enjoy your new craft.

Also really nifty to use as a kid’s time out timer… 😉


Mesmerizing Meditation Timer.

Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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