Never play the Raines of Castamere at a wedding. Period.

If you haven’t read the Game of Thrones books, then you didn’t expect the Purple wedding. I’ve seen soooo many comments from folks supposing the pie was poisoned.


Allow me to guide ya’ll through the quagmire with a couple screenshots.


Joffery is getting married. His bride, Margery, comes from a long and renown vine, including the devious Queen of Thorns, her granny.

At the wedding, Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Thorns, comes over to Sansa, affectionately plays with the redhead’s hair before palming something, as shown here.

Queen of Thorns



Next time we see Sansa, one of the gems is missing from her necklace. [In the books, it was a hairnet]




So, if we learn ANYTHING about Westerosi wedding planning, it is imperative that we never forget the Raines of Castamere being a foreshadowing that someone is about to die in a gnarly, nasty way at what is usually a festive occasion.


But in this case, Joffery really did earn it.

He had it coming since Ros.



For Ros!



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