Putting Faces to Stories

One of the things I enjoy about my particular brand of creativity in regards to writing is that I have a tendency to sketch out my characters. Put faces to the cast of souls I have in my mind. As I wield charcoal and graphite (and those nifty little blending sticks), I try to put personality into their 2D being.

The story I’ve been brain-humping the most lately is INTERVENTION OF ANA 2.0, in which our intrepid protagonist tries to make her marriage work until it’s obvious her husband’s dedication to the woman who molested him as a teenager becomes more important than nuptial vows. When her husband acts out, trying to police her conduct, the bodyguard saves the day by taking Ana to his friend’s place to hide out. The Gay Viking teaches Ana all sorts of lessons, culminating in the one that saves her life from a scorned husband gone off the deep end.


[ potential spoiler alert paragraph ahead. if you don’t want ANY idea where I’m going with INTERVENTION OF ANA, then skip the next paragraph]


If you read the original incarnation of said tale on FF.net, you know how it ends. This time, it’s more personal, more painful, more gore than before. It’ll be glorious as Elena and Christian meet untimely ends. And I’m mentally getting off on the three endings I’ve got in mind. It’s a toss up between 1] arson-murder-suicide; 2] bloodhounds and Blood Eagles; 3] Therapy.



So now I present for your amusement, the cast of my tale.


AnaMaria Manson;

Ana is brunette with light colored eyes. She doesn’t think she’s particularly attractive, but that’s the result of advertising media preying on the modern female’s insecurity. Once utterly devoted to her husband, Christian, she now realizes that what she considered ‘intense courtship’ is actually scary, and stalking is very creepy. Rescued by Taylor, the bodyguard who can’t stand domestic violence, she forges a new life away from her controlling husband.


“I want to escape, but I can’t leave a man who won’t leave me. Stalkers don’t give up easily. Unless tasered.”

Christian Manson;

Christian has coppery hair and grey eyes. Possessing an intense and unsettling gaze, he demands loyalty and utter obedience from those around him. He doesn’t seem to realize that his concept of caring and love are a skewed notion, fed by the abuse heaped upon him during his formative years and compounded by his very complicated relationship with Elena Lincoln. He also fails to realize that his high-handed attitude has alienated him from those who genuinely care for him.


“Oh, looking to not have a life outside of me? I can arrange it.”



Fergus McAesir, The Viking;

Childhood friend of Taylor’s, Fergus is a man who enjoys making alcohol, kicking ass with or without weapons, and eyehumping attractive men. He takes Ana under his wing and teaches her many useful skills and guides her on embracing her inner Shieldmaiden. A history buff, it’s best to avoid the topic of Christianity and other middle eastern ‘cults’ due to their ignorance. His gods demand an oak tree, dammit.


“I brew beer. Its called, “Rear Admiral IPA. The IPA stands for I Penetrate Assholes. Get it? Ah, I love my job.”


Elena Lincoln

There’s not much Elena wouldn’t stoop to if it made her money. While Christian thought she was helping him by instilling some authority, little did he realize how she was playing him, grooming him to being nothing more than a font for wealth.

"Nothing will stop me from fucking everything up that I touch, if it makes me wealthy. It's a motto I taught Christian."

“Nothing will stop me from fucking everything up that I touch, if it makes me wealthy. It’s a motto I taught Christian.”


Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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