Sometimes life gets all quirky and stuff.

Okay, it’s been a while so here’s what’s going on, in no particular order:

BROKEN TOYS nears completion. Huzzah!

– Working on a new novel, inspired by circumstances in my own life, entitled THICK AND THIN.

Natalia Quinn ran away to San Francisco on a mini vacation to salve her soul after a double-decker dose of personal tragedy. While making her way to a symphony, she nearly becomes a fatality in a police chase, only to be saved by none other than Finn Xaviar, cellist, and caretaker of a priceless instrument steeped in history and blood of conquest.

Given a necklace said to be enchanted, Talia finds herself in the midst of a whirlwind romance, grand theft, dodgy collectors, and skuzzy exes who seemed to be attracted to the gemstones she wears. Is it happenstance or mystical power held into Tali’s stones that bind she and Finn into a bewitching adventure involving the beloved musical instrument of an imprisoned Russian prince?

Now, why would I embark upon such a literary adventure? Because my boyfriend is a musical historian and utterly inspired me through conversations relating around a Hector Berlioz piece, called Symphonie Fantastique. It’s referred to as Program Music, meaning the composer has a story to tell you, and provides notes to help promote the right frame of reference when the soundscape hits.  In this case, Berlioz tells the story of an artist who spots a woman utterly ideal in his mind; sees her at a ball and she never notices him. Goes out to the country, yet feels her presence ever in his mind. Finally, forlorn, he tries to commit suicide by opium overdose and fails. Instead, he embarks on a psychotropic adventure where he sees himself being led to a scaffold, only to witness his head leaving his shoulders and rolling down steps. The final movement involves a witches sabbat, in which his beloved takes part in a mockery of these orgiastic rites.

Check out the blonde flautist– she represents the ‘ideal woman’ in the symphony, and her little melody emerges in all five parts. This, of course, was pointed out by Dr. Musical Historian, else I wouldn’t have noted it.

Anyhoo, I’m taking that theme, and subtly weaving it into a tale of two hurt souls finding each other, and whether it’s serendipity or kismet that brings them together, they share an adventure which brings them closer. I’m publishing this as a serial on Wattpad, so hop on down; I’m up to chapter four right now. 

I’ve got other projects to tackle, but these two are getting the most focus. Really feeling like the muse is making out with my brain regarding THICK AND THIN, but oh my, can you blame me? I just bloody wrote a scene of eyefucking during a symphony performance. And I’m going to spoiler the next two chapters of fine dining and first date sex. Booyeah, going there! And it’s going to rock.

Pinky swear.


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