A coffee infused update!

So I’ve been busy in the non-writing aspect of my life.

Got a new project, Snarky Wench Book Reviews… basically I pillage my bookshelf (or get recommended a tome), get my snark on for ~1000 words, rinse and repeat.

Much of my writing time has been diverted into quality time with my boyfriend (Dr Music Historian and henceforth known as “Dr. Boyfriend”)

SubstandardFullSizeRender_4We spend a lot of time working in the garden, discussing music/history/random shit/ and playing with his cat, Inky. We run amok and have fun– and he’s my mini-vacation. Thus I don’t write (but get shittons inspired!!!) when I’m hanging with my honey.

That said, there’ll be a new post soon about the Cult of Pregnancy and lack of autonomy women face.


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