I need YOUR Imput! Choosing a cover time!

In the event you didn’t know, I’m taking my FF.Net tale of woe, rewriting the fuck out of it, and posting it at www.brokentoysnovel.wordpress.com … have four chapters up so far.

I have two covers– one has more color, one is more saucy. And I need YOUR thoughts on which is better–  I think both have their strong points and both convey a feeling for the lead characters.

So here they are. Which do you prefer?

BrokenToys2Coverbroken toys cover


2 thoughts on “I need YOUR Imput! Choosing a cover time!

  1. I prefer the one on the left because I tend to go for darker tales, and that cover’s…well, darker.

    The pink on the right-hand cover looks playful, light-hearted. That’s just because I think of pink as a happy colour, so…I never said I made sense! 😉

    Left one’s moody, right one’s playful.

    • I thought the expression (or lack thereof) of Mr Pink to border on douchebag. And since the male lead is a douche, I was rolling with it. But I agree, dark tales need dark covers (which is why I made the second cover) … Thanks for lending me your thoughts!

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