Update: Life, Reviews, Beta Reading Secret Societies, and Things That Go Bump In The Night

My life is hectic.

This last May, my ten year old went through a series of assessments, because in the previous October he tried to hurt himself– as in suicidal ideation. He’d gotten a diagnosis for severe ADHD five years ago, and since then it’s been a shittastic time trying to find a med to help the lil guy focus, because without that focus, he’s lost. And yeah, we’ve changed our diets, am in therapy and still, the meds.

So this school year rolls around and the school district and I are trying what we can to get my munchkin the interventions needed so he can kick ass and take names. And the diagnosis we got is that he’s on the Autism spectrum. Okay, things are rolling along. Therapy, therapy, psychiatrist appointments, some more therapy, depression,  anxiety, therapy… Then my car throws an engine rod or three, so without wheels and frustrated… therapy.

Then my relationship with my boyfriend unravelled at the seams and I ended things. He didn’t have much of a say. And it sucks, so I’m all emo asshole about being butthurt and whaaa whaa whaaaa! Yeah.

But today was a good day. Got inspired. Motivated. Got a few beta reads lined up, which brings me to the whole Beta Reading Secret Society: I’m trying to forge a private community of authors and hardcore, no-mercy beta readers to help improve self-published literature by making quality beta readers available to authors. If anyone is interested in joining, hit me up on twitter and I can get you signed up.

Which brings me to spooky things. A part of that inspiration that zapped my synapses involves short stories. Kinda like Goosebumps for Grown ups mashed up with teenaged The BabySitter’s Club. Yeah. I’m liking that, and I’ve got a chunk started tonight.  Short stories (less than 15,000 words) to tingle and high-five the demons lurking beneath your bed.

Can I share? Because I am sooo sharing.

Earth. Air. Water. Fire. 
Mind. Heart. Spirit. Action.
Gabi. Cat. Mira. Lindy.

In the small town of Gelifrey, four girls unite for shenanigans on the eve of Homecoming. With the key to the most haunted house in hand, they venture forth for an expected evening of merriment and mild spooks. What they get is more than they bargained for or ever wanted.

Ghosts of Gelifrey Manor

Will be out in time for Halloween!


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