So I became a Maven.

For those not in the know (and possibly don’t care) there is a website of cosmetics called Julep. They have quite the nail polish selection, which is what drew my interest. And since it was my birthday I figured I should splurge for a little sumthin-sumthin to celebrate the past 36 years this earth has been graced (or punished) with my presence.

Julep has a subscription option, in which one gets to become a Maven and receive a wee box (well, not so wee… it didn’t fit in my mailbox) filled with two nail polishes and two facial items. One does a little quiz to choose one’s style (from pickings such as “Modern Beauty,” “It Girl” and “Bombshell,” “Boho Glam,” and “Classic with a Twist.” Oh, and I got it for free this round with the exception of $2.99 shipping because of a coupon code I found on Facebook. Still, quite the deal, and was a huge driving force behind me getting my girly on.

The order was placed ten days ago and arrived today. I could only taunt myself oh so much regarding FedEx tracking. Almost sure Chrome was going to bar my use of ‘refresh’ because of my blatant abuse of it.

But it arrived. And I tore open into that cardboard box like it was my birthday AND Christmas rolled into one.


The two nail colors are Louisa May, a citrine-inspired color (and birthstone of November) and Margot, from the Bombshell collection. It’s a pearly-champagne/ super pale gold color. Both polishes are composed of micro-glitter, giving the colors depth and sparkle.


Now, my main bitch about the Julep nail polishes is the size. I’m a parsimonious person, being a single mom and all. My usual at-home-manicure involves a lot of Sally Hanson, and those bottles are damn near twice the size of the Julep ones. And individually those Julep polishes are over $11 a pop versus $5 for the Sally Hanson.

…BUT… these Julep polishes lock onto nails. Like, hardcore. As in, had to soak my nails in nail polish remover to actually remove the pigment and glitter because rubbing with saturated cotton wasn’t doing shit to remove the Julep. I kinda count that as a good thing, being my nails tend to shed polish like a dog does fur. If this polish wears well, I’ll consider it a good investment.

The konjac sponge is texturally interesting. It’s moist in the packaging and infused with charcoal (hence the dark pigmentation) which is awesome for my fussy skin. It’s gentle (a Buff Puff for sensitive skin feels like steel wool to me) and comes with it’s own wee suction cup-hook for hanging up after use.

Oh, oh, but the winner in this box was the Fluid Eye Glider (aka Eyeliner Sharpie) because I love the look of liquid liner but have a hard time with the amount of product on the brush glopping against my lashes and looking shitty. But this pen of wonder does not trouble itself with little shit like that. Oh no, my friend. This pen releases enough eyeliner but not so much that the line feathers or glops. Goes on like a brush-tipped Sharpie. Once it’s dry, it is set. And looks fabulous.

All in all, my $2.99 investment yielded almost $50 in pretty awesome (and sparkly) product. Next month costs $24.99, but hey, if it’s quality stuff, it’s a bargain. And a huge bonus in my opinion of the monthly subscription is that if I don’t want it one month, I can log into my account and pass. Or I have the option of sending my month’s box to someone else, which is nifty for a birthday surprise. I like versatility such as that as much as I do like me some bling.

sparkle fingers.jpg

Pardon my horrific hangnail, it’s the price I paid for tie dyeing while wearing a glove with a hole in it. Suffice it to say, my hands don’t like caustic stuff.

I am not even one day into my Maven goodies and I’m blogging about the awesomeness. They have an affliate program but I don’t need that incentive to pass along my experience thus far as a Julep Maven. And next month… oooh, can’t wait!

EDIT: I did find a referrer thing– click on this link, and you’ll get a code to enter at check out to get your own free (but with cheap shipping) box to explore if you so choose. No pressure, and if you want to pamper yourself, this is a great way to do so!


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