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I’ve been on tangents lately, with my YouTube habits. So, here are categories of things found to be worth watching more than once.

Each of my faves will be represented by a token video. Yeah. That’ll work. Or whatevs. Oh! And all links will open in a new window.

Ok, just found this and it’s uncategorized — one of the best ideas I’ve seen for wedding proposals. Flip book!


Bo Yo – I was introduced to this song by my therapist– when I’m feeling meh, he knows what buttons to push to get me to laugh– at least for a couple minutes — and this, according to him, is pretty accurate from a group therapist PoV.



Laci Green and Sex+ – I’ve linked copiously to Laci Green in the past, as I appreciate the knowledge she brings to the table, seasoned with enthusiasm and humor. Here’s her take on BDSM. SHe gets a hundred gold stars for her consent/Grey comment. She also does a show for MTV  called Braless — here’s her on the consent in FSoG


(books, movies, comics, stuff)
Comic Book Girl 19 – You know, her channel could be an entire blog post. She’s awesome (and my secret girl crush) and well-informed. Tackling everything from Game of Thrones Epic Histories of Each Goddamn House, to X-Men’s Epic History, Hunger Games, various cosplay… she’s a font of info. Plus there’s Robot. The vid chosen to rep her channel is her 12 minute review of DEADPOOL. And I’m sharing it because it’s what I’m watching right now. Oh wow, I’ve never seen her this liquered up. Daaaaamn. (Disagreeing with her rant on letting kids watch the movie… yeah, they can wait. Same reason I don’t let them watch Game of Thrones)
If you like X-MEN, watch this. MUCH BETTER.

Thug Notes – Love books? Of course you do! And so does Dr. Sweets. He Thugifies well-known stories, from The Great Gatsby, to Dune, to Catcher in the Rye. Summary and analysis with plenty of culture, playa. The channel also has more to offer regarding video games and movies (Earthling Cinema is hilarious)

Epic Rap Battles of History – If you’ve managed to avoid this on youTube, then wow. From Doctor Who,  movie directors, and Russian leaders, ERB doesn’t pull punches. Hilarious to boot– one can spend much time grooving to snarky tunes.


(um, lots of pro atheism-type stuff)

Darkmatter2525 – Animations. God and Jeffery. JC and Not-Mohammed. I ❤ Jeffery, the fact-checking angel flying diaper baby. Chosen to rep this channel, the animated tale of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is laugh out loud moments combined with WTF moments– plus the Bible passages for reference.


Brother Jake – Mormon related stuff. Upbeat and always with a positive spin! Here’s his explanation about the missionary program. It’s pretty enlightening and entertaining.


Tim Minchin. I’ve got a serious case of the hots for this Aussie. Like, serious hots. Could be the eyeliner. Or the sapiosexual appeal.  He’s hilariously snarky. And you need to watch this. For the redheads in your life. Or his Confessions, because it is glorious. Or him embracing his dark side and channeling Coldplay, Pearl Jam, and The Cure  in a single song because “daddy didn’t come to my ball games…” But his criticism of the church is where his sword of words cuts deepest. He wrote a little ballad for the old pope. And just today, has released a song calling for Cardinal Pell to return to Australia to answer an inquiry regarding his knowledge of child abuse by clergy (Pell is currently chilling at the Vatican) … Minchin is donating the proceeds of this single to get Pell back in Australia to face the court.

ALSO, there is Storm, a beat poem.


Have any must-watch vids you’d like to share?  Post them in the comments!


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