American Politics: the new reality TV show that we can’t turn off. Insert UGH [ here ]

I doubt I’ll get many hits from Trump fans, but in case I do, here’s why I’m tired of hearing about this dingleberry. After being sick for a long-ass time, I’m just done hearing about politics… and unfortunately it’s an election year and THIS SHIT JUST WON’T STOP.

Dear World:

I, as an American, want to apologize for Trump. He’s a loudmouthed, irritating man with a dead orange cat glued to the top of his head to keep the sun from burning his bald spot (also to hide He Who Shall Not Be Named) and nuking what brain matter he has remaining.

Yeah, I’m a fan of Sanders (or as I like to call him, this generation’s FDR), because I think he has what America needs to stop being the laughing stock of the world. But when media outlets focus on the big showman with the tiny little hands with stubby fingers, it creates an environment that seems to echo the old Roman adage of “circuses and bread” as a distraction to the plebes. When this guy is up on stage, he’s bantering with his audience, not outlining his plans, not giving relevant info. And people (as Trump said, he loves the under-educated… any wonder why?) are gobbling that shit up as though it’s gelato. Have you seen the video of a guy with a brochure with Hitler quotes attributed to Trump and sharing the words with Trump fans? They eagerly support the sentiments until it’s revealed that Hitler said it first. You can almost see the hamster wheels in their heads squeal to a stop and it’s awkward. But then again, he love those without the knowledge to see through his brand of gilded bullshit.

One of the things Trump loves to boast about is how wealthy he is; as if that’s a qualifier for president. However, American news media seems to gloss over the fact that Trump did business with Fat Tony Salerno, the face of the Genovese mob in New York. Got ten minutes? This video shows Trump’s deposition regarding his “senior adviser”…. according to Trump, he hardly knew the man, couldn’t describe him. If so, then why would that guy be a senior adviser? Oh, this senior adviser managed to channel his inner Joe Pesci ala Casino, and fucked a man up with the stem of a martini glass. Classy, man.

So there’s that.

His loyal followers seem fixated on four notions:

a) Trump is successful and can parlay that success into revitalizing America
b) Trump will make the world respect America again
c) Trump will close the borders and help create jobs in America
d) Trump says what he’s thinking


This seems to be the consensus of feels from Trump supporters I’ve spoken to; they love him, just not in a gay way. Got it.




Let’s break that down a bit, shall we?

In some regards, sure. He’s sold his name in order to profit from it. That same moniker is tied to several failed enterprises: vodka, steaks, a magazine, a “university,” casinos (four!), airline, football team, among others. He has received bailouts for his business  failures. You know, a bankruptcy I could understand. Shit happens. But FOUR bankruptcies? That demonstrates a behavioral issue regarding systematic poor choices. And again, one cannot discount the role organized crime played in making Trump “successful”… that’s kinda important. Joe Kennedy didn’t run for president because he knew his dealings with the mob would taint his run; that’s why his son John ran instead.

Trump, well, guess he’s wealthy, but he still can’t afford class. Luckily, his reality TV show helped him with his campaign– would he have as much of a following if he never had a show? Those people are waiting to hear him state, “You’re fired!” but this time, he’s saying it as President of The Once Great United States. But here’s food for thought: if he were elected and ran the economy into the ground like he has his business ventures multiple times (I argue that his most successful business venture was The Apprentice) there won’t be a bailout coming to the rescue. Do we really want that sort of person to have a hand in the cookie jar?

yauht rock

Sigh. Pipe dreams. They are fun, until reality sets in.
The international community has no vested interest in dealing with a blowhard such as Trump. Britain already has a petition to keep Trump from entering the land (and I don’t blame them) and has been followed by Ireland and Mexico. Here’s a little article that have people from all over the world chiming in on what they think would happen with a Trump presidency; and they all have fear as a common theme (the video at the end makes up for the terrors).
How can America deal effectively with the world if headed by an arrogant asshole who continually spews hate and double talks on oh-so-many topics? Oh, you want an example?

So… is Trump all “Fuck ’em up and I’ve got your back”….?

Or is Trump all, “I don’t condone violence! I didn’t say that!”

He can’t stick to a single narrative. This does not recommend him as president. I do not want this double-talker representing me or my country on the world’s stage.

But let’s not completely dismiss the rhetoric he uses; he’s carrying the torch of White Victimhood as a beacon for the disenfranchised white population clinging to racist and xenophobic ideals. Did you hear about the PBS Newshour story of a North Carolina family rallying around Trump, and that the adults in the family sported ink of a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist flavor? PBS didn’t investigate the displayed tattoos on Grace Tilly’s hands, calling attention to the growing number under Trump’s flag. Or is it just not a big whoop since we heard about David Duke endorsing Trump? Trump doesn’t disavow those supporting questionable ethics because he knows he needs every vote he can get. He’ll play the religion card…
(oh yes, he likes TWO Corinthians *face palm* )  he’ll play the racist and xenophobic card, he’ll play the savvy and wealthy business man card, he’ll play the tv personality card, he’ll play any card he can. The man is like a vampire, and instead of blood, this monster requires attention. As long as the spotlight is on him and the hate he spews finds a home in the hearts of those hurt by elected officials and then glossed over in favor of an enemy– one you can tell from afar because skin color, yo, well… it breeds more hate and more spotlights as those disenfranchised play sycophant and carry out his will (hurt the protesters, I’ll cover your legal fees, anyone?).

Trump Butt Face

Germany understands. Thank you, Germany.

You know, if he really thought America was awesome and wanted to help build the economy, maybe he would have his products made stateside. But nope, bottom line is king, which is why his goods are manufactured overseas where it’s cheaper. So much for demonstrating his “ideals.” Frankly, this falls into the prior category of double-talk. What, you actually think he’ll mandate companies keep their manpower in or move it back to America? You crazy? He’ll lose money!

Then there’s the border wall, a poor man’s Great Wall of China. You think that’ll work? No, sweet summer child, it won’t work. Besides costing more everytime Trump says “The Wall,” going from 4 billion to 12 billion.   John Oliver has a whole segment of systematically breaking down just how much of a failure such an edifice would be if carried through to completion using math and stuff.  Please watch it if you think building a wall is a justifiable answer.


Then there’s the facts on immigration.

Ah yeah, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist rhetoric when he’s not lying. Like Hitler prior to becoming the Fuhrer having a vocal grudge against the Jewish population, Trumps enjoys blaming the woes of America upon the shoulders of supposedly rape-happy Mexicans and opportunistic Chinese. That’s when he’s not gaslighting people calling him on his bullshit. Fuck, even Elizabeth Warren is calling Trump out for being  the special, over-priced snowflake he is.

You know, instead of the oligarchy actually in charge of the country. That policies passed with favoring corporations in mind, the repeal of laws created during the Great Depression to protect American Citizens from the rapacious nature of executives playing with the economy. Multitudes of jobs moved overseas, depriving citizens of opportunities from call centers to manufacturing. And yet it’s not the fault of companies, according to Trump. It’s the “illegals” taking jobs and using up social supports like welfare and food stamps.

But Trump makes great admissions of how shady he is, although some may argue what he’s doing is shrewd. For example, Trump was quoted by Newsweek magazine in 2011 in by Howard Kurtz as saying, “I do play with the bankruptcy laws — they’re very good for me” as a tool for trimming debt. Yay for playing jump rope with loopholes, eh?

When one looks at the big picture, of America on the world stage,  do we really want our main representative to be someone who has ties to organized crime, incites violence at rallies,  someone with a track record of putting his name on development projects that fail and scam money from investors? Someone who had a known Mafioso as a ‘senior advisor’?  SOmeone who has been audited by the IRS for 12 years in a row (maybe because of his mob ties?) Have we, the American people fallen so low that we look for celebrities to redeem us? That soundbites drive us so we overlook substance? Are we so distracted by jazz hands that we never seek to look behind the curtain to see the truth of the matter?

Americans: Vote for scientifically literate candidate who will look to the future and plan accordingly, not someone so wrapped up in himself that he brings hate and ignorance to the table rather than rational thought.

yes bernie free things




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