Once upon a time, I wrote a spitefic.

And while writing this post, I’m getting my anime on with Ah My Goddess — quite tame, anime-wise, but a) I’m a sucker for an unlikely romance b) it blends Norse-mythos into the story and finally, c) personality wise, I’m very much Urd with a Belldandy exterior and enjoy connecting with Urd’s unspoken awesomeness.

I’m into the second season… maybe I should do recaps of the episodes. Meh.

Enough tangents!

So yeah, I got pissed off and purged myself via my writing sub-super power. A full dozen chapters posted. And it’s dark, twisted, tortured, and snarky. Because I loves me some snark.

Want to read along, as a Christian Grey-like scumbag meets his match in the woman he married? Want to live vicariously as double agents and international child porn peddlers clash? Squirrels humping handmade Italian loafers, and other horny, rampaging wildlife making things interesting in a non-bestiality way? YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ THIS. Ahem. Sorry. Valkyrie in training, pot-smoking hippie Vikings, a Scottish import, and the Russian mob? Oooh yeah, this has that and more.

Impossibly wealthy oil magnate and race horse afficianado, Theo Mezler, depends too heavily on his business partner, Margot Ivanov, much to his wife’s ire. Little by little, secrets between Theo and Margot emerge, forcing Nessa Mezler to escape her husband’s clutches and seek divorce. Scandals involving the two business partners come crashing down, and for a man used to being totally in control, it’s the demise of his legacy. When things escape his controlling grasp, his sanity jumps ship, and Nessa must use every resource she has available to defend herself from the man she once loved.

Protected by a self-avowed Viking, Nessa meets a man who not only enchants her with his charm, but seems almost too perfect for words. Torn between lingering loyalty to her husband and the thought of moving on in passion’s embrace, she must choose which path to take and heed the consequences… whatever they may be.

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