Election Year 2016, dreary with a chance of hope.

We know where I stand with Trump.

With Ted Cruz dropping out of the race, we’re done with the Republicans, so let’s focus on the Democrats.

I  will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I cannot, in good consciousness, ever vote somebody with her record into office. Just no. To do so is to acknowledge corruption and cronyism are now accepted cornerstones of American Democracy. To ignore it is to give silent consent for such corruption.

What has my knickers in a twist? Oh, just this:

[Any link marked with a * will be a vid]

If you look at any link, let it be this one and please note her top donors and just how many of them are banks. Instead of blaming the 2008 Wall Street collapse on the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act (Yay, her hubby did that when in office) and the banks, she laid the blame on the homeowners who “should have known.”*

From Open Secrets, here’s a list of Hillary’s biggest donors… and I went to the trouble of googling ALL of them to see who has her back. Most of them are international law firms and financial institutions.

bad hillary

A couple notes on this:
Googled Sullivan & Cromwell, and surprise surprise, look at their specialties:
bad hillary 2
Glad they specialize in Congressional Investigations–Hillary is going to need some help with that team of FBI agents charged with shining light on her shady practices.

Got some time? Explore Hillary’s connections to banks with this interactive map.
With Time Warner on her list of donors, you know the media is playing along to get her elected. It is not right, nor appropriate. This is demonstrated time and again during the primaries, when news outlets report before polling is even closed, that Hillary is the winner… yet after all the votes are tallied, Bernie is in fact the winner of that state.

But wait, let’s get cracking on that list of scandals clouding up Hillary’s sun-shiny days.

When Bill Clinton was president, he pardoned over 450 people by the end of his term. One of the more troublesome people he pardoned was Marc Rich, who spent time on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the oil embargo. Had be been convicted of all charges, he would have faced 300 years behind bars. But nope, that wasn’t to be.


On the FBI Most Wanted list? No prob! These two super ladies have a solution…. MONEY!

His ex-wife, Denise Rich, calls herself friends with Hillary, and during the Clinton presidential years, donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library and over $1 million to Democratic campaigns in the Clinton era. Jimmy Carter said it was “disgraceful” and when you earn Jimmy’s ire, you know you fucked up.


But wait, there’s more shady pardons!

New York City was being ravaged by the bombings from a terrorist group looking for total freedom and independence for Puerto Rico. A bunch of those responsible were rounded up and sentenced. Then Hillary runs for NY senate. And has a meeting with NYC councilman Jose Rivera, who is, surprise surprise, Puerto Rican. Two days later, her hubby, President Clinton, grants clemency to  members a Puerto Rican domestic terror group. Eleven out of thirteen of those terrorists accept.

The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation has been known to accept donations from foreign governments, such as China. And that the foundation received foreign donations while she was Madam Secretary.

Hillary Clinton isn’t above siccing the IRS onto those she deems worthy of fucking over, especially if her husband stuck his dick in them.

Finances tied to both of Hillary’s presidential runs are tainted by felons and scam artists and fundraising bundlers who pled guilty to conspiracy and campaign finance law violations. Guess they didn’t seek help from all those banks backing Hillary. Doesn’t inspire trust to know she

As Madam Secretary, she failed the American people. She blocked investigations into State Department scandals and cover-ups; including sex assualts by state department security in Beirut, “endemic” engagement of prostitutes by HRC’s security detail, drug use by state department contractors in Baghdad, solicitation of CHILD male prostitutes by US ambassador to Belgium.

When one ponders the enormity of such revelations, one questions why she’s running for president. The answer is blatantly obvious: power and wealth. Do we really want to support a person who can’t keep control of her own State Department? Someone who doesn’t care where the money comes from, as long as it’s there? A person who will use her personal connections (her brother is a lawyer who was able to get his client pardoned by Bill Clinton…) to further her own agenda. Supported by various international law firms (makes it easy to do deals in the sanctity of a lawyer’s office without anybody knowing the details) supporting the banking industry, in addition to the banks themselves supporting her, Hillary Clinton is the poster child of the corruption of power and oligarchy at its worst. There used to be a time that an FBI investigation would be so damaging that careers would be ended; nowadays, they are like merit badges collected by politians who can’t deal with honor or transparancy.

I sincerely hope that the FBI finishes its investigation before the Democratic convention. I hope they find mountains of evidence against her and ends her running for president. Because, between Bernie and Trump, Bernie would easily win.

I believe Bernie Sanders is the president America needs.





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