Remember kids, when someone tries to take your rights away, just bend over the log and expect no lube.

Subtitled, “Zombie Jesus Fucking Christ, make this election end already! I’m tired of the blatant corruption and hate and holy shit motherfucker, I’m about to find me some land and get a yurt and say fuck society because we all suck something epic for reducing American Democracy to shining media-biased turds for human consumption.”

Um, yeah.

Why, you may be asking in a kinda-but-not-really judgmental way, am I on a ranty tangent? Oh, because it’s pretty much accepted that a) the media is biased and will try to hide its bias but fail, resulting in distrust of corporate media outlets, b) when media covers incidents that go against their corporate-backed candidate, they conveniently leave out facts to demonize those provoked into reacting, c) and that the reality of the situation is much darker than one would want, regardless of political affiliation.

I’m going to post links and vids. Please read and watch the bold ones, most especially if you are a Clinton supporter. Please do so, knowing that I am sharing these not out out of character assassination, but because if a person is to represent our country, we have a right to know what they are tied to, where their influence lays and how it’s carried out. This is important. Turning a blind eye to the deeds of those being supervised or advised by one is to give unscrupulous behavior a pass. [ should be noted that I use The Young Turks as my primary news media because while they talk about their bias, they do present both sides to the issue being covered and aren’t afraid to call people out on faulty logic and bullshit ]

First off, the email scandal is much more nuanced than mainstream media reports. Hillary Clinton tried to change NSA law to favor her carrying an unsecured cell into a secured information area– normal policy is to leave electronics out. But not Hillary Clinton. Her home server was not protected like a government server; and when she handed it over to the FBI, it had been erased. She instructed aides to send classified information over insecure channels by simply removing header information.  This extremely well-researched (by who was a Clinton supporter until he researched the topic) article  [if anything, read this link and nothing else.] contains all the citations one would hope for, in addition to presenting both sides of the situation. Come to your own conclusion, but let’s just say (spoiler alert!), it’s really shady what’s been done. And if you want to vote for Hillary after knowing what she’s stuck her fingers into, that’s your business.

But don’t bitch if Trump gets elected instead, because of how the DNC has split the party due to corruption and cronyism. Hillary Clinton NEEDS every vote she can get because she is statistically tied with Trump in the polls.  Single digits separate her from Trump– and her superdelegates have nothing to do with it; Bernie Sanders leads Trump by double digits– so if the DNC nominates someone who for all intents and purposes ties with the arrogant caricature of all that is wrong in America today, then the DNC loses bigtime.

So, this last weekend, the Nevada Democratic Convention happened. Surely by now, you heard that supporters of Bernie Sanders booed Roberta Lange and Barbara Boxer, threw chairs and were basically the liberal equivalent of Trump groupies. Umm, not quite. There were cameras everywhere, and they documented what actually went down.

Basically, there were two voice votes done (ayes vs nays) in which the chairperson of Nevada’s Democratic Convention ignored the vote and ruled in favor of her wants. And it was caught on camera. So, that explains my choice of title for this post. Want to vote? Doesn’t matter, the establishment will do as they please to further their agenda.

So, these Nevada progressives got pissed, and got vocal about it. Watch that video above, you can hear how pissed they are that their majority votes were ignored. And you can see Roberta Lange getting pissed that they are not willingly bending over the log of voter fraud. There was no confirmation of the vote– which oddly enough was a topic they tried voting on; one cannot appreciate the irony enough.  Then there’s the fact that several delegates were scrubbed from the system on both sides, but proportionately larger on the Sanders’ side (58 to 8)… The video below shows a Hillary Clinton supporter, who details how her name (and that of her husband) were dropped from the lists, “scrubbed,” with Roberta Lange’s say-so.

So, people on both sides of the issue were angry. But then mainstream media does it’s magical little short-term memory hokey-pokie, dancing over facts to equate the supporters of Bernie Sanders to those of Trump fame. That these progressive “Bernie Bros” (because every Sanders supporter must be a 20-something from a privileged background, with nothing to do but wear SJW super-crusader capes and discuss hugging trees and creating safe spaces for neckbeards) are just closet Trump fans.

But why take my word on it? Here’s an article by a woman who was there. 

It wasn’t long before things took a turn. At 9:30, a full half hour before registration closed, Lange read the results of ballots that had been passed out to early arriving conventioneers regarding temporary rules for the convention, rules which would discount the results of the county convention (the second tier of the caucus process, where Bernie had won more delegates), rules which would require that all votes at the convention be decided by voice alone, and which ruled that the decision of the chairperson would be final. These temporary rules had passed by flying colors, which did not sit well with the Bernie delegates, many of whom had not been given ballots. Suddenly half the people of the room were on their feet, shouting “No!!!!” My son and I jumped to our feet as well, added our voices to the chorus. It felt good, all those voices of resistance vibrating through my body. I started to feel less like a cloud. I felt myself drop back into my body, surrounded by all these bodies yelling “No!”, feeling alive inside my skin.

Then people began to chant “Recount” and my son and I joined this call, too, throats aching, adrenaline coursing. Lange took the temporary rules to a voice vote. A hearty round of “Aye”s rose up from the Hillary side of the room, but when it was time for the “Nay” vote, the response was so loud, I felt it shake my every cell, felt it alter my heartbeat. The room was explosive with “Nay”s, roaring with it, and yet Lange decided in favor of the “Aye”s, which only set off more yelling. I thought about my dad, how once when I was a kid, I wanted to do something and my sister didn’t, and he said “If someone says no, you need to listen.” Lange definitely didn’t listen to all the “no”s in the room.

If you participated in a vote and saw that the majority ignored in favor for those who lost said vote, because there are conflicts of interest with the DNC itself and Hillary Clinton.

The head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was one of the heads of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 election run. HOW IS THAT NOT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST???? Is it any wonder that Clinton has been the favored nominee since the beginning of this election cycle, knowing that the head honcho personally tried getting Clinton in the White House in 2008?

Salt in this wound, would be how the media covers blatant abuses of power by those pulling the strings. Angry that their right was usurped by those in power.

Barbara Boxer said that she feared for her life; yet she walks out of the convention surrounded by security, vocally chiding and shaming the dissenters. She doesn’t look like she fears for her life. It’s a hell of a poker face.


And if all that doesn’t depress you enough, go forth knowing that Bill Clinton hung out with registered sex offender/pedophile  Jeffery Epstein on his airplane, referred to as “Lolita Express” at least 26 times… and this is supposed to be our  future”First Man?”

Fucking ewww.

Jeffery was first investigated by the FBI in 2006, when investigators uncovered evidence to suggest he and his famous friends used young girls as sex slaves. Forty women were found to have been illegally obtained by him. But in 2008, he cut a deal in which he was charged only with solicitation and faced a short sentence as punishment. In this secretive deal, authorities agreed not to press charges against “any potential co-conspirators.”

There is also record of a $3.5 million donation from Epstein to the Clinton Foundation around the time the investigation into his lurid practices began. Prosecutors also donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in 2008.

Jeffrey Epstein has also been linked to former Clinton Press Secretary George Stephanopoulos, Britain’s Prince Andrew, TV personality Katie Couric, actor Kevin Spacey, and filmmaker Woody Allen.

Now, here’s the shitty  thing about The Clinton Foundation: it has all sorts of connections. Countries funnel money into it; countries funneled funds into it while she was Secretary of State — something that seems especially shady.

Here’s a static Muckety Map of the Clinton Foundation and it’s connections. Let’s do some investigating, okie? This is the current state of the supporters of the foundation with Hillary in the presidential race:
Ira Magaziner, corporate strategist, was Bill Clinton’s administration as Senior Political Advisor for Policy Development in 1993. He is the current chairman of the William J. Clinton Foundation Policy Board.

Noah Mamet and Associates, just so happens to represent the National Democratic Institute, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government founded by Madeleine Albright.

M+R Strategic Services is a lobby firm. And let’s not forget that lobby firms work to further the interests of others in exchange for money or favors.

Clinton Family Foundation, funds the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Why do they need a foundation to donate to another foundation they own?

Speaking of the Bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, that nebulous spider sitting in it’s web of international ties to countries, shady people, and questionable ties had it’s status revoked by in December 2015, citing in the “Archived Watchlist” section,

In accordance with our policy for removing charities from the CN Watchlist, Charity Navigator removed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation from the Watchlist in December 2015 because the charity provided publicly accessible information regarding their amended tax Forms for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. This information, along with the public memorandum submitted addressing the other issues raised in the Watchlist entry, meets our requirements for removal.

And after that statement, proceed to quote and link to news articles that bring  into question the true intent of said foundation.

Now, if you read that bolded link at the top of this post, you would have stumbled upon the name of Sidney Blumenthal, a man who works for the Clinton Foundation, and moonlighted as Hillary Clinton’s lackey in the State Department; he was paid $10,000 a month for not have security clearances, yet receiving classified information from Madame Secretary.

Ready to delve neck deep in figurative shit? Here’s the interactive Muckety Map.  Please explore it. And then click on “731 Former Funder” and see the countries, people, companies and banks chucking funds into the Clinton Machine.

Want to know what it looks like when one expands all those former funders?
I’m still trying to figure out how to filter it all down to a list of countries that donated funds to the Clinton Foundation. You can see that there are many charities, businesses, people, and countries chucking their dimes at the Clinton Foundation.

Please note that Goldman Sachs is a “corporate member” of the Council of Foreign Relations.


And then there’s the American International Group, more commonly known as AIG, or, “Those douches that got bailouts” and the massive amount of connections they have to the Clinton Foundation.


Here’s the interactive map for Hillary and the Big Banks.  And here’s a map with the Council on Foreign Relations… explore all the businesses that are participants on this “council” which seems more like a conglomeration of personal interest, selling memberships to people so they can have dinner and private conversation with any number of politicians. Seriously. But they are hardly the only ones that operate like that.

Here’s some interesting names off that list of donors:

Farhad Azima, huge donor, is named in the Panama Papers.

Haim Saban, responsible for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and donating million to the foundation. For Israel. Oh, and his wife is the director of the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton Guistra Sustainable Growth Initiative, associated with the mining of uranium. 
Clinton Global Initiative, a nice name for the wealthy/political/business people to gather into one spot and broker deals.

– The Blackstone Group, multinational private equity, investment banking, alternative asset management

Turki bin Faisal al Saud, Bill Clinton’s classmate from Georgetown, and former  intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia

Inter-American Developmental Bank, a huge bank owned by a bunch of countries. 

And then, there’s Richard Morris, who serves as a media guru, and strategic consultant. richardmorris


Oh, remember what I said about mainstream media? They have a vested interest in keeping Hillary’s image clean. That’s why when the Nevada Chair issue  went mainstream, the media started reporting about how violent the Bernie folk were– not the blatant abuses of office that lead to the anger.




And finally, there’s this pared down map of connections. Banks, countries, princes, and businessmen.


It’s true to say that Hillary Clinton is very well connected. But it’s also equally true to day that there are genuine concerns about her ethics. As you can see in the above map near the bottom, Denise Rich, who donated funds shortly before President Clinton pardoned her husband, who coincidentally, was on the FBI Most Wanted List. Smooooth.

I fucking want this election over.




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