Adios, DNC. Your shit is too much for me. Being called “a liberal” now makes me feel dirty, you conniving fucknuts.

Rant ahead. I hesitate to link to a lot of mainstream media in this post due to what I found out in Wikileaks. (Any links to Wikileaks will be designated with a  *…) However, when it has certain political figures stating things, well, that’s too good to pass up, considering it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth. I will also link to more progressive media, like The Young Turks, Redacted Tonight, and The Humanist Report, being they are more in line with my political views.
And if this post seems a little too tin-foil hat, I highly suggest you watch the film V for Vendetta. It’s pretty fucking relevant, if one substitutes America for Britain.


Well, in case mainstream media (henceforth referred to as MSM) tries to spin this shit like a top, allow me to elaborate why I cannot in good faith support a system that violates its own bylaws to push a Clinton presidency. Also, let me clarify that last sentence: MSM doesn’t give a fragment of a fuck about my views but they will spin the Wikileaks DNC emails into a partisan attack engineered by conservatives, rather than address the fact that what was revealed demonstrates that “Democratic” is merely a suggestion and democracy is a false ideal to placate the masses.

So, while #DNCLeak / #DNCLeaks broke Twitter yesterday, Clinton announced who she hand-picked for her running mate.

And before you say it, yes I know that Trump is scary. But you need to realize two things:
– The Trump is Scary narrative has been pushed* and magnified by the media and DNC in order to offer Clinton as a more palatable option. Yes there is proof. THIS LINK is for a powerpoint presentation from the DNC on how to exploit fear of The Donald*… Even going as far as to email their primer on discussing Donald Trump to the American Federation of Teachers* (and others); and
– IF Trump were to get elected, that’d be more unifying for the progressives, getting more mid-term voters to the polls in order to get a liberal majority. So, there’s that silver lining. He hasn’t done much to endear him to the republican party, so they may end up being spiteful to him just as a ‘fuck you.’

Let’s face this little tidbit: most republicans HATE Trump but can’t bring themselves to vote Clinton. Which means a third party could actually be viable this election.

One cannot dismiss the fact that Trump has blatantly pandered to every conservative group he can to get where he’s at now, yet not all that long ago was a Democrat. Hell, there’s been rumors way before Jeb Bush tweeted about The Donald being essentially a mole or Manchurian Candidate to benefit Clinton. And if one looks at the fearmongering invoked by the Clinton campaign, he plays perfectly into that role. Fuck, even British folk have noted this.

Noah Rothman of Commentary magazine spies a pattern in Mr Trump’s diatribes, whose timing, he argues, “tends to often coincide with scandalous revelations that reflect poorly on Democratic politicians”.

Mr Trump, for instance, made his comments about closing US borders to all Muslims just a day after President Barack Obama’s poorly received White House address on the so-called Islamic State.

Stories about Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s email server and actions following the Benghazi consulate attack in 2012 have likewise been swamped by Trump-mania.

“None of this establishes either correlation or causation, but it is remarkably coincidental how often Donald Trump has rescued Democrats from the jaws of a terrible news cycle and the withering scrutiny of the press,” he concludes.  —BBC

To get uncensored news, one must seek international or independent sources which in turn get brushed off as ignorant or a partisan attack– even if it’s coming from a liberal source. The lazy man’s argument of “voting against Clinton is a vote for Trump,” but that’s only true if one checks the box by Trump’s name on the ballot. Otherwise, it’s a manipulation tactic. Everybody gets a vote, and that vote is their voice. If they choose not to waste that vote on a candidate that they don’t feel is appropriate for the position, that’s okay. Their vote is not your safety blanket any more than yours is theirs.  Radical idea, right? Use your vote as you see fit.  Vote with integrity instead of fear.
lesserevilSeriously, if Trump wanted to drive sane people to vote Democrat, what would he change? Absolutely nothing. Is there proof of collusion? Well, there’s 20,000 emails to sift through. Plus more to be released. So, who knows exactly what will be found, although I do find it interesting that Trump pushes his anti-Mexican/Latino/Immigrant stance while the DNC offers this tidbit:*

That’s right, Latinos are a brand the DNC wants to acquire, since it seems that Trump is doing all he can to alienate said voters.

My support of Sanders obvious, it should also be noted that Sanders joined the DNC and tried playing by their rules. The DNC violated their own bylaws to give Sanders the literal middle finger when it was obvious that he was a threat to Clinton’s run. Tulsi Gabbard stepped down from her position in the DNC to support Sanders, which indicates back then, that there was collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Yep. Revoking my Democrat card. Refuse to be associated with:
(all links in this section are to Wikileaks)

a- Multiple instances of media collusion with the DNC. Hello there, Mr. Propaganda.

b- Fear mongering to push a narrative in order to benefit HRC (who polls terribly against Trump whereas Sanders leaves Trump behind, but who wants *that* candidate when the puppetmaster has already spoken?) :

c- DNC demands “unity” yet does this shit to the people they NEED on their side:

d- Trump’s an ass. We know this. But to make a satirical craigslist post under the guise of Trump hiring women? That makes the DNC assholes.

e- Wanting to use Sanders’ beliefs against him (aka “not christian enough”) :

f- Asking to commit FEC violations.

g- Admitting to Pay to Play. 

Feeling depressed yet? Need some humor? Here ya go! Comedian Lee Camp offers what he’s found for our delectation.

… If you choose to vote for Clinton, that’s on you. If you choose to ignore the blatant violation of the DNC’s own bylaws, that’s on you. If you choose to overlook how the media has manipulated the narrative to suit DNC/HRC, that’s on you.

I think Trump is a shit candidate, but at least he’s shitty to your face, whereas HRC and the DNC are shitty behind their constituent’s backs. If he gets elected, at least that’ll bring out progressive mid-term voters to stymie him at every turn. At least that’s somewhat of a silver lining to this shitstorm the DNC has unleashed.

The DNC just alienated a shitton of independent voters HRC needed to win.
Take away? Ethics and integrity are sorely lacking and I can’t be a part of that because what the DNC wants isn’t what’s best for the country. And I refuse to be associated with them and their shitty management practices. And that’s aside from the technicalities people seem to ignore and/or gloss over because of party loyalty instead of holding ethics and integrity as candles in the dark.


If you are fine with those responsible for the governance of our country breaking the laws as they see fit, then why delay the ending of America and Democracy? Just fucking vote Trump and give America a merciful, quick death. Why prolong it so capitalists can pick the bones clean before the heart finally stops beating?

Oh, that not an option? Then it’s about time that people are held responsible for their actions. You want candidates that rely on ethics and integrity? Then fucking vote for them instead of relying on the media’s false narrative of fear.

Can’t believe I agree with Ted Fucking Cruz, but yes, totally vote with your conscious this election.  And maybe integrity will win.




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