Updates and Tangents and Stuff.

I’m alive. Dealing with a depressive episode, but alive and kicking. Falling back on my writing, bigtime (finished a chapter. Shouldn’t take weeks and weeks to finish a mostly-written six months ago chapter) and kicking my own ass over that fact. Been channelling some of my political rage through YouTube. So, if you’re into snarky critical thinking, you can check ’em out below.


Suffice it to say, my angst is palpable.

Oh, it gets better! Log onto FB and see this pop up in my memories… which just gets my political angst a-going bigtime.
called itcalled it2


Been in a bit of an existential crisis about incorporating people I know into my writing and having them do delicious, unethical things. Is it a violation to use their incidental likeness? Or insinuate, even in a fictional setting, that they’d partake of such ethic violations? If one holds this muse in high regard, wouldn’t that be disrespectful? ARG. BRAIN, WHY MUST YOU THINK IN SUCH TERMS?! BRAIN, SHUT UP SO I CAN WRITE! and stuff like that.

Just sayin’, I’d like to finish a novel this year. I’m sucking terribly at the writer thing, and it frustrates me.



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