Lessons we can learn from blowing smoke up places.

The idiom “blowing smoke up your arse/skirt” is based in reality. There was a time, long ago, that people did indeed blow tobacco smoke up people’s asses as a medical remedy. This phrase has deviated to something less literal, thankfully. In my local vernacular, the phrase means “you’re being bullshitted.”

We are being bullshitted this election. You are free and entitled to have a differing opinion– I want to make that clear. I may not agree with you, but I respect that everyone has their own point of view of the matter at hand.

Wikileaks has a history of journalism accolades. They don’t actually hack; they receive the information, have it vetted by their team of lawyers, and then it’s released. Those who give Wikileaks this sensitive information often do so knowing that their lives could be at stake. I think that’s important to note.

Media outlets are spinning the Wikileaks, pivoting from important into to “Russians!”


Expecting us to enjoy their political use of Jazz Hands and be swayed by the motion, to forget  what the content of those emails contains. And while they yell “Privacy! We NEED IT!” they forget that they passed legislature that makes the NSA spying on people possible.



I’ve been vocal about what I’ve discovered. Yeah, there’s a tin-foil hat quality to it, but still, stranger things have happened. We cannot ignore the truth if we find it uncomfortable.


Speaking of which, want to know what makes me uncomfortable? Knowing that yesterday, after posting a tin-foil hat kind of video on youtube, I got several hits from people in the DC area. All regarding my abortion blog post (which I’ve made private because tin foil hat, duh) … If they want to research me, they can contact me privately via email. Just sayin’.eastcoastabortion

This country has bigger problems than this mere shit-show election. And you can ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable. But please don’t act surprised if shit hits the fan in a much bigger way than you ever anticipated. Especially when Wikileaks has shown us that things in this video exist and are relevant.


Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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