Let’s Piss People Off Some More: The Tale of Orange Pennywise and Chuckles, the Sloppy Secretary of State.

In one corner, we have the Orange Pennywise: scary clown with scary ideology, and since the DNC marked him as a ‘pied piper candidate,’ he was given extra attention by the media/propaganda outlets to make him more relevant…until he was relevant. Every thing out his mouth is to appeal to fringe right and the bitter disenfranchised, making the vast majority of voters contemplate voting Blue because Trump is foremost an entertainer. Not an astute businessman, not an accomplished diplomat, not a seasoned politician. People will vote for him because he’s not HRC, and the revealed corruption she is associated with. They will vote for him because they feel they have no choice due to the fact HRC violated federal laws, like FOIA. That they won’t elect someone who has public and private stances on issues: with Trump, what you see is what you get, creepy/scary as it is.

In the other corner, we have Chuckles, who is documented treating national security as a joke; someone who destroyed government property after a subpoena was issued for the preservation of that property; someone, while in office, is documented having met with donors to her family foundation (after it was agreed upon to keep her office and the foundation separate– yet both were housed on her unauthorized server) and given donors cushy positions– one was given a spot on a nuclear advisory board (this guy was a commodities trader) and others were given ambassadorships. And all this is ignored because egad, Orange Pennywise. Corruption? Doesn’t matter because Trump. Flagrant disrespect of established protocols regarding classified info? Doesn’t matter because Trump. DNC caught doing unethical things to prop up a candidate? Doesn’t matter because Trump. And if that doesn’t cause you to wonder why Trump is so important this election, then I worry about you, and not in a condescending way. America is a social experiment, and we’ve been trained to have short attention spans. Education has been supplanted with entertainment, and no one seems to care. Not when there’s Walking Dead and the World Series, Super Bowl and Game of Thrones to distract us from what’s going on the wider world. Our country helping to kill children and other innocents? Hey, Big Bang Theory! Actual proof of rigging the Democratic primary? OMG Cubs won the World Series!!! Pivot from the matter of substance to something less meaningful. This election season has been full of that.

Now, heavy critical thinking can get one in trouble with those who prefer to entertain circus and bread politics. Don’t rock the boat, don’t ask questions, don’t look behind the curtain. Work hard for little pay, live paycheck to paycheck. Be happy you have the job you’ve got because there are people who’d be happy to work for less just to have a job.  These are the chains that bind us in involuntary slavery. It’s harder to rise up against a tyranny when one wonders if they can pay rent, buy food and still have gas money for the month. It’s harder to rise up when people have been trained to meekly accept their place. “Land of opportunity,” is the carrot on a stick to keep us moving. Maybe one day we’ll win the lottery. Maybe one day we’ll get that awesome promotion. Maybe one day we’ll be happy with our subjugation, nation-wide Stockholm syndrome.

Chuckle’s whole campaign is built around the fact that she’s not Orange Pennywise. She’s got the media on her side, as a propaganda tool to reinforce the fear of how Trump will destroy America, and glossing over the damage she has already done.

You can ignore that if you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that it happened. And is still happening. And will continue.

America doesn’t win this election. America just does another death spiral around the drain this election season.

But facts remain facts, despite how one feels about the subject matter at hand. You might  claim those are false statements I made because I listen to propaganda. Allow me to furnish evidence to support my views.

Should be noted that I have a background in research (ie parsing through a bunch of crap to find common threads) and have worked in a federal personnel office many moons ago, processing paperwork for new hires so the NDA issue is a biggie to me.

First, let’s acknowledge media outlets are documented colluding with Chuckles’s campaign, going as far as sending them a first draft and then letting them edit the article for them. Yeah. No bias there, right? Let’s not forget that while all these liberal media outlets assisted  Chuckles, it’s the conservative ones that actually reported fact, which then got spun into a partisan attack, thus to be discredited even though they provided factual information for the populace. Point is, get your information from a bunch of sources and parse through it— much better than standing in an echo chamber where one surrounds themselves with biased news. Like the Forward Progressives. I stopped reading after the health care entry. Yes, when her hubby was president she tried to do a single payer system. That changed when health insurance companies began donating to her (to the tune millions)…  Follow the money— it’ll lead you to the truth.

Using the “misogyny” argument is intellectually lazy. A goodly number of the people who do not want Chuckles and her faulty memory anywhere near the Oval Office are the sorts who considered Elizabeth Warren or Jill Stein for president. Just because Chuckles is female and people don’t like her doesn’t make those people misogynists.  When there is evidence supporting that she violated her NDA signed Jan 22,2009 after a couple hours training with the FBI concerning the handling of sensitive and classified information is more than enough to consider her run for presidency dubious. Here’s the NDA; read the terms of it, because they are relevant, especially numbers 4-10. Notice her signature, indicating she understands and agrees to abide by the terms. Now, let’s apply what we learned from the Benghazi incident: she tried getting security clearances for Clinton Foundation employee, Sid Blumenthal. Obama himself denied the request and considered Blumenthal a person non-grata, who was to never be given sensitive information EVER. So Chuckles shared information to him, violating the president’s order.

It’s not rumor that Chuckles gave donors positions in the state department.

It’s not rumor that Chuckles conducted all state business on her private, unauthorized server (thus avoiding FOIA)—a server that also housed the Clinton Foundation emails as well, which it should be noted that ANY state information on that server automatically makes it the property of the government. The moment that happened, it stopped being “her” server. So when she had her underlings wipe info from that server, they were destroying government property.

There you go. No direct links to Wikileaks, either, although if you were to check them out, they’d show you where Chuckles really stands on policy– because she can’t be genuine. She’s got her public position to garner votes and her private position she’ll carry out for monetary gain.

FBI Director James Comey was in (and still is) a hard place; a catch 22 whether or not he revealed that there was new information regarding the case– something he promised to do in his congressional testimony. How pissed would people be if they found out after the election that Chuckles was up to secret squirrel super shady shit? How dare he hide that from the American people! How dare he not say something about the fitness of said candidate when he had a chance! Or say it now, before election, giving the population information to make an informed decision regarding the candidate. I think he did the ethical thing by revealing it before election. If the rumors swirling around are true, then by Odin’s beard, absolutely we should know the kind of people we’re wanting to vote into office. 

Vote for who you will, but do so knowing just who it is you’re voting for.



Ballad of Sad America

Sometimes those who cheat
knock us off our feet
Stand back up and be proud
then burn the motherfucker down
Just burn it down
What’s the point of being in a country,
when they see you as the enemy?

Ready to gun you down?
We gotta stand up and fight, gotta do what’s right
when they push us down.
We can use our words, against their hate
But nothing will happen so we gotta escalate
And use our actions against their hate,
But we’ll be branded evil and things will escalate
To prove our right, we gotta fight
And if we must, we’ll let it burn
Down to the ground
We’ll keep up the fight to do what’s right
And let it burn to the down to the ground, we’ll let it burn.
We can start anew, and make it right
That we can to make up for having to fight
And like a phoenix we’ll rise
Brand new from the flame
A freedom uncontained

Sometimes the world just ain’t right
Sometimes it sucks the will to fight
Right out of you, right out of you
Sometimes it sucks the will to fight right out of you

Sometimes the world likes to, piss on our heads
Make us wish we were dead
No more indignity, no more shame
Sometimes the world just ain’t right
sometimes you just gotta fight
When something is so tainted,
that it affects those around it,
sometimes the best option,
is to purge it from the earth and build something new
So go grab your gas can
let’s go for a walk
And I’ll grab the zippo
and we’ll have a little talk
And then we’ll burn that shit down
Just burn it down, Just burn it down
to the ground
Just burn it down, down to the ground
start anew,
me and you
And make our future bright
Make that wrong into right
And if we must, put up a fight.

Disclaimer: this does not advocate literally burning buildings and people down to the ground. Just ideas, so let’s light a fire under our ass to fix things. Time to make that shit happen, people.

Ever play the video game, Civilization? We are in the simulation, and the fucker with the hand on the mouse is the kinda choad that wants to build the military and go for utter world domination.

Time to glitch.

Fucked Up Future Bingo: Check off all the shit that’s happened, as it’s happening!


This is from an Ask Me Anything, with an Anon FBI agent providing insight. Some wacky stuff in there too, but according to him, it’s for protection via plausible deniability.




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