Election Night, 2016 (not a told-you-so)

I find it (not really, but still I have to see the funny side lest I go mad) amusing that Trump was a democrat longer than he was a republican. People will ignore that, favoring to fixate on his recent leanings. Same people fixate on shitty things he said ten years ago into a hot mic, while ignoring rape allegations made against HRC in 1995 (the video exists on youtube) by a young woman. So much for a woman’s right to being believed. Guess it’s a good thing HRC took that blurb off her website.
I find it amusing that people wanted progress, true progress and for Sanders to head that movement. That the DNC was informed we wanted progress, not “republican lite” or lip service.  Instead, we were “given” a candidate who sits on the fence faking progress in lieu of supporting clean water for all. That her favored locale is among donors, not The People whose votes she needs. Had HRC shown solidarity with the tribes and Standing Rock, things would probably look a bit different for her at the polls– although there are sticklers such as myself that count the NDA violation in and of itself as a disqualifying factor– but many with less black and white views would have looked favorably upon her if she had shown she was on the people’s side, not Wall Street. But she chose oil money over water and life. This choice of hers is hers alone. Not those who told her that they wanted progress in not just social areas, but environmental as well. She was warned. She ignored the warning.
I find it amusing that people are blaming a third party movement that’s been growing due to disenfranchisement of being ignored and subjugated, rather than blaming the candidate that cost the party those badly needed votes. HRC supporters flat out told progressives that their votes weren’t wanted or needed.
Note: Politicians are not entitled to votes, they earn them. If they are unwilling to extend themselves to willingly represent a greater group of people instead of an elite few, then they should expect those people to not vote for them. Why should people vote for someone who feels Wall Street matters more than the majority of constituents? 

I find it amusing that people are hasty to go the intellectually lazy route and bemoan racism and misogyny (which yes, are prevalent in our society, but are not the foundation stones of HRC’s failures) for the fact that a lot of people would have voted for anyone other than Trump or HRC, if we had a viable third party option. As it is, if we want another party, then at least 5% of voters would have to be behind them in order for that party to be on future ballots. So, some of us tried forging a path for the future, one devoid of coercion and detriment.

Rather than validating the facts supporting other people’s views that Trump has poor judgement and HRC will do what she wants, those people instead relied on name calling (if you don’t vote HRC, you are misogynist), fear (if you don’t vote HRC, Trump will get elected and the world will end) and other shady methods of coercing people to vote in a way that makes then comfortable, nevermind that it smacks of totalitarianism . They overlook the fact that people are turned off that she claims to represent LBGT folks and feminism, yet takes MILLIONS from countries that will execute homosexuals and have laws against women driving or being in public with a man she isn’t related to; countries that are vastly not LBGT-friendly nor feminist in the least. But whatevs, the foundation she directed isn’t a reflection of her as a person. Just like her politics aren’t representative of her as a person. It’s just coincidence that she likes large sums of money and the power to do what she damn well wants. Her time as Secretary of State, foregoing established protocol in favor of convenience isn’t representative of her as a person. Yeah, I get it.

Just like how I get that the media has a clear preference for Trump from the beginning, playing into that pied piper role the DNC angled for. How many cameras were trained on Trump’s empty podium rather than give Bernie Sanders any attention? The bias was clear, even back then. The DNC is to thank for this whole clusterfuck. Not only did they help push Trump as a foil for HRC, in hopes of making her look like less of a trash fire, that her scandals were less than his, that they are easier to overlook. Never mind the candidate that didn’t have shit for scandals, the one what had been proven to have won the Democratic nomination but was forced to hand it over to HR… who had been chosen in 2014 to be the nominee, someone chosen by the elite long before America ever cast a ballot.
Maybe, just maybe we as a society have gotten too complacent. Maybe we’re due for rock bottom before we get our shit together. Maybe in the future, the Dems won’t use underhanded, shady tactics and instead stick with ethics and integrity, and maybe, just maybe, will win the  next election because America didn’t get pissed off at the blatant manipulation which ignored or reported and pegged as a partisan attack without any thought.

I know it’s easier to believe a lie than face the truth. But believing a lie cost HRC the election. She told you everything was a-okay, when in fact it was so very not. Next time, please give some thought to viewpoints you don’t agree with; after all, didn’t Aristotle say the mark of an educated mind is the ability to think about something without agreeing with it? Echo chambers lie, and mainstream media and various aspects of social media became just that; removing dissenting posts, inflating stats in favor of their golden child. But they were lies, paid for by the DNC and Clinton machine.

We survived Bush. We can make it through Trump. We’ll have come out with bumps and bruises, but we’ll come out fighting for real change. And maybe, we’ll win. Not because of lip service, but because of grassroots effort put in by a frustrated populace, unwilling to be silenced with lies and platitudes. We will triumph because we believed in something greater than a mere person: an idea worth fighting for.

HRC has no one to blame for her second presidential failure but herself. People matter more than money. Had she listened early on regarding that, and stood with Standing Rock…  If her unauthorized server hadn’t contained State secrets and hadn’t been hacked because she favored convenience over protocol, which got her not just 2 FBI investigations, but another one focused on her foundation by Preet Bharara, making people question her trustworthiness and judgement… Or that her husband consorted with the same sick fuck that offered Trump that 13 y/o to rape… how different would the polls be? ALL these things are valid concerns. There once was a time where having an FBI investigation on one would be a career ender. How far that bar has sunk. How low we set that bar, that someone like Trump has no problem winning the election the way he has. The Democrats had the opportunity to put up a much better candidate. They chose to go with the establishment and run with someone deeply flawed and utterly incapable of being self-aware. Hillary Clinton brought this defeat upon herself and to blame the voters who wanted something to recommend her more than fear, is to blame the victims of this election. They wanted someone worth fighting for, and they were denied that by the DNC.

During the Wikileaks revelations, HRC could have stepped down and put Bernie forth; that would have done much for the party because he’d bring progressives and third party voters. Not all, because many saw him as a sell-out, shilling for the very thing he fought against, but enough that it could have made a real difference. Many voters abandoned the DNC in favor of Trump because they wanted nothing to do with the brand of corruption espoused by the DNC (if they aren’t corrupt, why did Debbie Wasserman Schultz step down?) and rewarded by HRC. Had Sanders been a contender, the race would have been much closer. Progressives would have had one hell of a shot– one much better than HRC, as evidenced by the election. HRC chose not to step down, and now we have Trump.


I know you’re bummed. I am too. So here’s something so awesomely upbeat and quirky because it’s Japanese.

If they can rebound after WWII, there’s still hope for America.



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