The long and short of this clusterfuck.

Just warning you, I’m going to be a ranty asshole. Can’t promise to be mindful of everyone’s feels because I’m fucking frustrated as all hell. I’m frustrated that other people’s frustrations means they lash out at me. I’m frustrated that I’ve been saying all along that shit wasn’t going to fly and now everybody is freaking the fuck out because egad, they weren’t paying attention to all the shitty undercurrents at work. I’m frustrated that our society sucks so hard to the point that some dude who has run business after business into the ground, one that’s cheated on all his wives, one that is all things skeezy about the USA… is now our principle representative of our country.

Yes. Trump is president-elect. This is fucked up– that our system of “democracy” has deteriorated at such a rate, a smug xenophobic misogynist won the election. The fucker was on WWE for crying-out-loud.

Donald Trump, Vince McMahon, Bobby Lashley, Stone Cold Steve Austin

How the fuck does one lose to Donald Trump? He’s his own worst disqualification. Yet… only someone shittier than Trump would lose to Trump. Take as much time as you need to process that. But afterward, we got our work cut out for us.

Almost half of eligible Americans did not vote. Ask yourself why they didn’t. Was it because there was no one worth voting for? That they were told their votes wouldn’t count if they voted third-party? That they were ‘deplorable’ for not being “With Her” and that the world would end and it’d be ALL THEIR FAULT?

Let’s assign clear-cut responsibilities:

Voter: responsible for voting.
Nominee: responsible for earning votes.

If the nominees offered by the Republicans and Democrats both fail to collect votes, that’s on the nominees and the parties offering them. Hillary didn’t win because she never created a movement with the same popular appeal and inertia like Bernie Sanders did. She lost because she was forced upon voters by the Democrats– she was chosen to be the nominee in 2014, long before the 2016 Democratic primaries. When one forces a deeply flawed candidate upon the electorate, they better be prepared for the worst. Gauging by the reactions from those who voted Democrat, they obviously never prepared a contingency plan. Instead, they got butthurt and lashed out. Like this, from my facebook feed:


Hey asshole: I didn’t vote Trump. I chose not to vote for ANY evil, thank you very much.

It doesn’t matter who wins the popular vote (something something Al Gore) since the electoral college which is the only vote that really counts in this system we all agreed to participate with on November 8. The very system that the Democrats had no problem engaging in when it was in their favor. That very same system that permitted Clinton to get the vast majority of superdelegates before the primaries even began (and deprived Sanders of kicking Trump’s ass at the polls) because the establishment-backed candidate didn’t have the populist appeal required and they counted on those superdelegates tipping the scales in Clinton’s favor during the primaries. Now they are bitching and whining about that same system they favored, telling Sander’s supporters to get with the program and “vote blue, no matter who.” Because by forcing people to vote against their own interests (war, fracking, cheap labor for corporations via prison system) is a surefire winner. Just ask Hillary Clinton. Oops, too soon?

Note to DNC: Don’t arrogantly order people to vote for the candidate you hand picked before the primaries began. Next time, offer a candidate that inspires people to come out an vote and doesn’t shame them when they vote for someone else.

A candidate picked by the people. Otherwise you get a fucking Trump presidency. Hope you’re happy with yourselves.

Sorry darling, it doesn’t work that way. Just like extremely disappointed Sanders supporters, you get to make due with the shitty hand you were dealt and live with the choices others made because ultimately your opinion doesn’t matter. You’re given a vote to make you feel good, make you feel that you have a say at least on a state and local level, but when it comes to the presidential election, it is nothing more than a placebo as our society’s elite choose for us.

I understand people’s anger. I understand their worry about the future. I felt the same when it came down to Ms. I Can Do As I Please With State Secrets On The Same Server As My Family’s Foundation and Mr. PT Barnum’s Reincarnated Cheeto-Colored Rectal Wart.  But after reading a bunch of opinion pieces regarding Trump’s election, I come away feeling that this had to happen. Yeah. I said that.

Trump’s election tells us that we’ve become a society of people who feel they have nothing left to lose. Disenfranchised by job loss, the rising cost of living, racial tension and police brutality, they’ve hit their rock bottom. We can pretend we’re a society of open-minded liberals, feminists, racially egalitarian. But we’re not. That’s a pie-slice, and small one at that when compared to those who aren’t as enlightened. The USA has large cities and even larger tracts of rural land, fueled by farming, fundamental Christianity, and football. Education, especially higher education is merely a vehicle for an athletic career. Or, they join the military to get out of their home towns. These little nooks honor tradition above most things… even if that tradition includes bias against those not like them and ruling over every aspect of a woman’s life as if she were property because the Bible tells ’em to do so, praise Jesus.
Fuck, look at the stats representing Trump voters:insight1insight2insight3
So, suffice it to say, those representing the bulk of modern America voted for Trump. Hillary Clinton also pushed people to vote Trump when the DNC railroaded Bernie Sanders, and by having an unauthorized server housing government information. By advocating for war, and representing corporate interests (because while her website said she supports tribal sovereignty, she was way okay with corporate oil tearing through treaty lands and ancestral burial grounds) over the people she wants to represent and lead.


Gee, it almost makes a sane person ask, “gee, what does the electoral college know that we don’t, where Trump has a 60+ edge over a consummate politician who is all but Republican in name?”

Don’t blame the people for Trump: blame the system that prides football over education, especially secular education. Blame willful ignorance of those who preferred catering to the system, rather than fixing it, or standing in echo chambers feeding them lies. Blame the media for lying to us all, blame the DNC for forcing Clinton over the popular support of Sanders, blame those in power for not listening to the people. Blame Clinton for failing to appeal to more of the electorate, especially those disenfranchised by the system which has utterly failed them, a system she represents.

Put the blame where it belongs: upon those who keep the populace ignorant. 

One can blame Comey for following through on his promise to report any future findings, or one can blame the fact Clinton was shady enough to get investigated by the FBI. Twice.

One can blame third-party nominees, or one can point out third-party nominees got no  electoral college votes.

One can blame the media for giving Trump enough attention until be became relevant, or one can blame the DNC for asking the media to prop up Trump so he could be relevant.

Assigning blame doesn’t change the facts that the Democrats would be just fine with the electoral college had it worked in their favor, and that the electoral college votes were overwhelmingly in favor of Trump. Is Preet Bharara’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation a factor that a larger fraction of the 538 elites were in favor of the loud mouthed hothead with a penchant for assaulting women? There’s more at play than we know.

Trump has come forth, asking his asshole followers to stop being terrorists to the ethic members of our society. Clinton has not come forth and asked the protesters to chillax. Why would she stop asking them to nix the temper tantrums thrown in her honor because  she didn’t win (those throwing molotov cocktails weren’t protesting– they were rioting. Protest peacefully [like those at Standing Rock, and just think you haven’t dodged dog bites or rubber bullets as those protesters have done) and make your point. But then come back to reality and help forge a better country since now we have no choice. As long as the populace is fractured, those with the real power will control this country. Those protesting that Clinton didn’t get elected are wasting our time, just like the Sanders protesters did when the DNC told us to shut up and toe the line.  So, I guess it’s time to shut up about how unfair it is that Clinton lost the electoral college (when they knew going in that they needed to win said electoral college and were okay with the electoral college until polls closed, Nov 8) and that we should go with the popular vote. If you genuinely felt that way, you would have organized WAY BEFORE ELECTION to have it changed. You failed. You get to deal with your failure. Just like all of America now has to deal with Trump.

Trump has given racists a means to act out, showing not just all of the world, but privileged America that we aren’t on the same page– not when we have enclaves that permit hate groups and domestic terrorists to congregate. Our school systems don’t teach that our ancestors came from the Great Rift Valley in Africa because evolution is too scary for those who rely on the Bible to make decisions for them. Is it any surprise that any populace that views the Bible literally would be down for subjugating those of different ethnic backgrounds and/or genocide, and shitty treatment of women? Is it any surprise that when you keep people ignorant, they do ignorant things?

America, we’re better than this. We’re better than Trump, and now it is time for us to organize and demonstrate it. We can’t fake progress. We have to lead it. And if you chose to waste precious time by being all butthurt you didn’t think America was so broken Trump could get elected, then don’t bitch when things get worse.

You were told, America. You were told.

Next time, please listen to us. Even if you don’t agree. Just listen and try to understand a point of view you don’t agree with. We listened to you telling us we had to vote the way you wanted. That we’re automatically racist and deplorable for not backing your candidate. That even if we view it as a moral stance, we should sacrifice our morals, ethics, and integrity to vote for someone who doesn’t represent us. We listened. You didn’t listen to us in return. I suggest we fix this, as it’s how we build bridges. America needs bridges between demographics more now, than ever. Either you want to stop America from fracturing apart, or you want a happy little echo chamber. We can’t give you both.

Trump is our president, like it or lump it. If we’re lucky, it’ll only be four years and then we can get some major progress going in relation to education. Until his term is up, we have to keep educating people in critical thinking. We can’t rely on soundbites, we can’t rely on mainstream, corporate sponsored news. If we want to come out of this with minimal scars, we have to find common ground and build up from there. We will not give up rights. We will not assist a xenophobic or racist agenda. We will help build a better future for our children’s children. And if we can’t achieve that, then at least we fucking tried.


Got something to say? Spit it out while you still can. The hounds will wait.

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