Pizzagate isn’t the first time this topic has been blown off and ignored so it could continue…

I think it can go without saying much, that this election was a certifiable clusterfuck. We witnessed the media reporting bias and not fact; spin was their preferred method of relaying what people perceived as ‘facts’… but more than just that was revealed to those paying attention. We saw our country hit bottom of the barrel, skimming dregs off the bottom and offering those as candidates and trying to polish those turds. It didn’t work.

Now, through the Podesta email wikileaks, we stumble across evidence of something that has been lurking in our country for decades… child trafficking.

“Wait,” you’re thinking. “No way, that’s bullshit, stop lying you hateful person.”

Um, no. There’s been precedents set time and again by the government, through the military and military contractors, the CIA, and help in hiding it from the FBI, at least in the 80’s. Seems now they want to break this shit open and shine some sterilizing sunlight into the darkness. In fact, there’s documentation to back up my claims. All links have been achieved; the cover up concerning the Podesta brothers and their sex ring has begun and Wikipedia has already scrubbed and/or deleted their pages concerning aspects of this case.

I am hoping that you’re anti-sexual abuse. I’m hoping you don’t want your tax dollars going toward helping and hiding this shit. And even if there are no kids harmed by Comet Ping Pong, wouldn’t it be best if we had an unbiased, third party conduct an investigation, thus ruling out the possibility of children being exploited? I’d rather my taxes go toward protecting kids than hiding and assisting pedophiles getting their rocks off. Your milage may vary.

P I Z Z A G A T E .

Yeah. Let’s address “propaganda,” “fake news,” and shit that happened and you probably don’t recall much, if at all. But it happened (and it was documented and now archived). And how our government, as a whole, handled each instance is less than acceptable. Shutting down discussion of sexual abuse is what abusers do.

Don’t be a gaslighting douchebag when there are well-documented facts backing up what I’m laying down.
*Franklin Cover-Up/White House Call Boy Scandal, 1970’s-1980s Nebraska. Credit Union in NE used by the CIA to launder money from cocaine sales to fund the Iran Contras. The guy running the credit union groomed kids from Boys Town to serve as sex toys in DC. Tom Brokaw touched on it in a news report, calling the boys, “prostitutes” instead of trafficked children.  The spin is evident; Attorney general didn’t want to touch the fact those kids were 13-15 and flown in from the Midwest to serve the sexual desires of politicians, and instead focused on the fraud of politicians using credit cards to purchase child rape “services.” John DeCamp was the lawyer representing three of the victims and wrote a book about the case. It’s a hard, horrific read which names several prominent politicians and acts of ritualized abuse/Satanism/Black Mass. If what he described was false, his book would be slander/libel and those named would go after him to redact it; they haven’t. Because in order to do so, they would have to face evidence… and their secrets would be out in the public eye and on TV instead of in an obscure book. So they let it slide with the occasional threat to his life.
“What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.”

~Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to his friend Senator John DeCamp, urging him to cease his investigation into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences (‘The Franklin Coverup’, 2nd edition, foreword).

If you recall Oliver North getting crapped upon for the Iran Contra thing, that’s on purpose. Deflect from the pedophile ring and onto something less risque, like selling coke to fund CIA shenanigans.
*The Presidio Day Care scandal (1987) involved “satanism” (One guy was Church of Set) and sexual abuse; those sickos preyed on young ones who would be unable to testify in court. Children ended up with STDs. This was hushed up by the government. Wikipedia already removed the page due to the exposure from Podesta’s emails/Pizzagate. But, luckily the NYT has an archive.   West Point and Fort Dix both have similar cases of abuse, sexual and physical, in a day care and in which the Army brushes away concerns lest it rock the boat.
*DEA has underage sex parties, no consequences. They literally solicited underage ‘prostitutes’ while in Colombia investigating a cartel. Oh, by the way, those sex workers worked for that very cartel.
*The US Ambassador to Belgium (assigned by HRC) solicited children. Her state department covered it up.  Funny enough in a not funny way, is that Belgium also dealt with Marc Dutroux; arrested for running a child porn ring, kidnapping, murder… things that echo the Pizzagate issue, including ties to that country’s elite and catering to their depraved tastes.
DynCorp and Halliburton trafficked women through the Eastern bloc.  Children were abused. American citizens don’t recall it much if at all because the modern media works for the CIA. They don’t want their secret out, but with how technology has changed, they can’t keep up with the information released (since they aren’t the ones controlling it), and the resources available online to verify these facts. So, they throw out spin-doctored tales, some misinformation so the populace stays calm, docile, easily manageable. We’re already pissed with the election clusterfuck, like hell do the American people need a stick in the eye to rile them up even more.
Norway had a huge pedo sex ring busted last month. The mainstream media that covered it Nov 20th removed their articles. Why is that, I wonder? Why remove such articles en mass, when European media is still talking about it? Oh wait, cover up. And they only cover up stuff when it’s really baaad.
Makes me also wonder why Reddit is banning any discussion about pgate; why is YouTube pulling vids and comments about it; why Twitter banned a user for outing a pedophile ring operating on their servers; why there’s so much energy being put into spinning it as a hoax and false narrative. I’d think any decent person would want an investigation if children are at risk.
Are you aware Marc Rubio had brought attention to diplomats trafficking people into the USA, to have it brushed off by the State Department? 
Or that in 2000, a council HRC lead tried “bringing legitimacy to prostitution and hard-core pornography” to the UN? 
Want to know what happens in DC when a girl reports she was raped twice?  Oh hai, the owner of that pizza place has the utter support of the DC police?  … nice. But hey, the city planner said in 2008 C P P was a haven of rape and murder, so it’s not like he’s in the kickback chain. Oops, too soon?
There has been a precedent set, time and again, that our government turns a blind eye to the trafficking of children.  They don’t give a crap about the plebes; we’re cattle and oxen to them. The UN doesn’t care. They simply have no fucks to give, unless it involves opportunities to rape kids.
This crap is EVERYWHERE. When do we, as a people, start taking the topic seriously instead of dismissing it because it sounds outlandish that wealthy people do horrible things because they can get away with it and our government is complicit?
If you want the truth, to be “red pilled,” as they say, then do some research beyond the scope of what the media feeds you. Study the CIA’s history. The pre-CIA during WWII was the OSS; they brought Nazi scientists over to the US and instilled them in various labs, universities, and hospitals. (Search for Project Paperclip.) They used Nazi torture techniques on American citizens — Manchurian Candidate was based off that work… guess it’s easier to believe fiction than the truth? (search for Project MK Ultra; it was an umbrella for a shitload of projects relating to mind control via drugs and torture [movie The Men Who Stare At Goats makes mention of it] In 1977, the vast majority of files relating to those projects were destroyed; the “spirit cooking” can relate to that, as it was documented that the CIA used religion and satanism as a means to control people via fear) They got people addicted to morphine (Project Artichoke) They forced people to be sex slaves. (Project Monarch)… in 1995, Bill Clinton issued an apology to the victims of human experimentation by the government.
CIA founded The Finders, a group that kidnapped and trafficked children. Retired FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson wrote a report about them.
If you read the Carl Bernstein link, you’ll see how the CIA uses media personalities for gathering intelligence and issuing propaganda. That’s all mainstream media is now. And those speaking out are being silenced. Since when did we live in North Fucking Korea?
Pizzagate isn’t about a little pizza joint, as James Alefantis is low on the totem pole of rot. The actuality is the trafficking of people, across the world. CIA is trying to cover it up like they did the Franklin/Boys Town/White House Call Boy Scandal; the change in technology since the 80’s is making it hard. The best they can do is spin this crap like it’s a vinyl record and have their mouthpieces push the narrative they want you to hear.

However, we have screenshots of social media accounts belonging to people associated with the Podesta brothers (including the owner and employees of the pizza place) making sexual references about said pizza place;

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use known pedophile logos in their business signs,
 We have an email from Tony Podesta, where he states he’s still in a torture chamber; should be noted he has a preference for gory art, as well as artists with a preference of painting children being abused. 

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Tony Podesta is a listed foreign agent for Saudi Arabia. His brother John, was the campaign chair for Hillary Clinton, counsel to Obama, and Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, and it was his emails which were leaked.  He has many fingers in many pies; many connections. Just like convicted child sex trafficker, Jeffery Epstein. Here’s Epstein’s “Black Book,” heavily redacted. Interesting though, who is in it. Such as Cheryl Mills, HRC’s Chief of Staff and family lawyer and Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s henchman who threw a fit when Chelsea wanted to audit the doings of the Clinton Foundation. Oh, and the White House is in the black book, too.

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Do the actual research and know what you’re dealing with. Don’t be intellectually lazy, depending on regurgitated crap coughed up by a corrupt arm of the government which has no problem “silencing” people who rock the boat. In this matter, go by actions, not by words, especially when those words are desperately trying to quell the rising tide of citizen investigation when the spotlight is right on them and their words don’t match the info that’s already out there.

Those pushing the false narrative that dissenting voices are “fake news,” despite facts saying other wise are trying to hide something. The whole scope of it hasn’t been uncovered. Tip of the iceberg. People will not let this die, and for good reason.

Fun fact. Just today, the San Francisco office of the FBI hashtagged HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

So, uh… maybe we’re on to something.


I started a spitefic of Fifty Shades of Grey a few years back. It sat untouched for almost a year. And then, inspiration came. This whole election provided creative fodder. Little did I realize the plot I laid forth in 2014 could support the reality of our human trafficking world. Fucking Bizarro World, man.

Congrats for making it this far.

Red pill delivered.




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