Dear you.

People I respect, I’m trying not to chuck your memory into the rototiller’s way. Yet I can’t help but wonder if those I’m talking about/to (but not addressing by name; if they read this, they’ll know if they’re included in my plea) actually care to pay attention to a situation much larger than themselves; something more important than this country. Since the primaries, I’ve been in a soul-searching mood, philosophically analyzing a great many things, trying to find the truth to it all. And I made the grave mistake of sharing those views on social media. I won’t apologize for exercising my first ammendment right and the all-American proclivity of questioning authority.

You didn’t like my opinion or views on certain subjects didn’t match yours. This election was ugly in more than one way. It pulled a mask off America, revealing the cringing truth of what this country has become. This country has become a nest of self-centered, myopic, ill-educated, bigoted Americans, who react emotionally rather than logically when presented with an opportunity to vote in favor of their civilization’s self-interest.

I am not asking you to agree with me. I am asking you to consider with an open mind  and open heart what it is I am trying to explain with as much nuance as I can.

A part of the writing profession is beta reading and editing. To be successful (or at least decent) one must study grammar, vocabulary. Culture. Psychology, or at least get the gist of what drives people. Having a nit-picky eye for detail is important– it’s the difference between mediocre and stellar. I’m referencing this because I feel that dismissing someone with a proven eye for detail is an error.

That said, before the election, my non-political views were shrugged off– unless they were helpful  or amusing to you, personally. My views when beta reading and editing help point out things you may have missed, didn’t consider, or even pedantic nuances that conjure a more rooted sense of reality (for example, it’s hard to rip panties off if they are worn beneath a garter belt– the straps holding the stocking up impede one from removing them in a fluid motion; it’s nit-picky detail that is realistic and logical. If a reader has been in that situation, the author may bump the reader from the reality they are trying to craft) that one needs to keep a reader engrossed. My eye for detail is inconvenient when it goes against wants; however that doesn’t mean it is not factual.

Why is it when I apply this same level of analysis to politics that I’m regarded as a nutjob? Why is it when I point out facts that are relevent to situations and people, they are ignored? Why is it when I provide the tools for research, they get an eye-roll and I get lectured on some manufactured talking point? Are you incapable of reading through the information– even from sources you may not like– and come to a conclusion for yourself? Is your want of critical thinking that lacking? Must you be told what to think by talking heads, that here I am, imploring you to expand your reading repertoire?

You can’t escape facts. You can’t escape the reality of the situation. And the sooner you realize that politics is nothing more than two chess games– one played atop the table for the public eye and one played beneath the table for only those in the know– and start focusing on what’s happening with the game kept from the public eye, the better.

Start reading history; I realize research can suck when its dry reading, but dammit, this shit has already happened, has already been documented, and it’s happening again. And it’ll continue happening until people start waking the fuck up.

I respect you. I respect your opinions. I understand why you have those opinions. But you failed to give any other viewpoint the same kind of consideration.

You’re liberal. You’re open-minded. But you’re short-sighted. Hating Trump voters because they chose a conman who offered the lie of change from a system that’s been breaking the country apart, instead of choosing the candidate which represented the status quo of said system isn’t any better than hating African-Americans or Mexicans. You’re hating a group without understanding their perspectives and backgrounds. You’re projecting your views of them, (such as Trump voters “are racist and misogynistic, violent and stupid”) you’re making them into less than a person because they aren’t like you. That this one defining feature binds them all and it’s a negative connotation in your opinion. You preach the party of line of don’t be a racist douchebag, hating on people you don’t know, yet here you are, hating on people because they wanted to break the system that’s been breaking them. Everytime I see someone on social media spew their hated of their fellow Americans it sickens me because how is that any different than some racist asshole bagging on a person of color? You’re being divisive in a time when this country needs unity to keep it from further fracturing apart. Yet you chose to widen the divide, like a Trump-based Jim Crow– you talk down to them, as though they are inferior to you because you see them as inferior to you. And for that, may this be the only time I say Fuck you for being an asshole, to you. In my eyes, you’re no better than alpha jerkwad in this regard, trying to kowtow people into following your line of thinking or belittling them for not doing so. There is no attempt to reason, only order them to toe the line. There is no outreach, only scorn. And you wonder why the country is the way it is.

No, it’s not the same as racism. People don’t get to pick what ethnicity they are born with, but you may want to consider those who are in dire straights from working a fulltime job (or more) and still can’t pay bills isn’t going to vote for a candidate not fighting for change in their favor.

I’m not saying you need to be pals with every single person, but you do need to acknowledge that:

  • You have not lived their life or have all their experiences that helped form their perspective on the world. 
  • Despite different backgrounds, we all have to deal with the direction our country is going– we are all Americans. 
  • If we want this country to succeed, we must unite for a common goal despite differences in backgrounds, creeds, and perspectives. 

As long as the citizens of America are fighting amongst themselves, we can’t unite to fix what is wrong with this country. Considering Trump got elected, there’s something VERY wrong with this country.

Are you happy with your bread and circuses? Or are you ready for actual change? Remember, an arrow goes forward with tremendous force after it’s been pulled back under tension.

Please, do yourself a favor and start watching some alternative media before it’s made illegal. Youtube has already started banning people who report against the state-approved story… so North Korea, here we come.  If you really give a shit about this country’s future and the voices that are trying to wake people up, I suggest Jimmy Dore, Redacted Tonight, The Humanist Report, H.A. Goodman, The Young Turks, Tim Black. They are progressive voices all offering different perspectives and damn relevant points. You won’t agree 100% with all they say, which is a good thing otherwise they’d be echo chambers. No, they aren’t corporate media, but a few of them have worked for corporate media before they decided to get out and report facts.

You may also want to consider that things released by Wikileaks are fully vetted before going live. In their ten year history, they’ve never redacted a single document. Think about that for a moment. Not every journalistic publication can boast of a flawless reporting history, but Wikileaks can. So when they release documents that verify corruption, you may want to take them seriously, as they do relate to this country’s path. Don’t start giving a shit because Trumplestien got a red carpet entrance into the White House — give a shit because corruption in our politicians and a failure to uphold ethics and integrity is detrimental to our country’s security regardless of who it relates to — because people such as I have been trying to tell you this for months. We tried building bridges of communication, as that is a necessity for success. We tried to tell you and we were told to shut up and toe the line. Do you see where that attitude got us? It got us Trump. I won’t blame you for Trump, unless you’re a part of the Electoral College.

I respect you as a fellow human being, complete with your own set of views and life experiences. I love you as a fellow human being, walking the earth with me. I hope that you will forgive me for speaking harsh truths, but they need to be said. I have hope that we can all work together, otherwise we fall apart. This country needs more common threads of humanity and less hate. We already have enough of it without yours. No, you may not be physically attacking people in the streets, but you are engaging in behavior that doesn’t benefit the country. You’re acting like those very vocal Trump followers you indicate you despise.

Here’s a start: if Trump proposes something dangerous, outrageous, or stupid, we get vocal as hell. And if he proposes something that actually benefits the country, then we support it. If you’re hell-bent on nay-saying everything Trump says just like the Republicans did to Obama, then you know what? You’re a Republican, so own it. Don’t call yourself someone who cares about the country when all you plan to do is make a point at the expense of your fellow Americans. Even a broken clock is correct two times a day– and if Trumplestien offers something that can help America heal, then we should take it. We don’t need to engage in cult of personalities– because that kind of thinking got us Trump. If all you can see is his personality and fail to see the larger picture, then you’re hindering progress. If you refuse to accept fact without thoroughly researching the subject matter and deciding after reviewing evidence, then your critical thinking is damaged. There’s so much more at stake than Trump. Did you know that?

No, you didn’t. You’re too busy focusing on the latest soundbites instead of educating yourself.

A report published in 2015 (that’s pre-Trump, so don’t blame him for this) by Deagel, a military contractor, forecasts that the American population is going to take a huge dive. Well, America in general.

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If I haven’t pissed you off enough, maybe you’ll consider my point of view when I offer insight into something you may have missed or not considered. Maybe trust that I’ve read quite a bit non-fiction and have studied history. I offer this, my little podcast/show, where I provide screenshots and cite sources. Maybe accept that your perspective is valid, but can always be expanded.

America needs as many clear-thinking, logical, ethical citizens ready to hold the establishment responsible for its actions. We need people ready to engage and help, not stand in the way of progress and healing.

With respect and frustration,



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