About Mandi Rei

Mandi Rei Serra is a resident of Northern California (but nowhere near the beach) and lover of the outdoors.

Raised middle child with only brothers to torment, she made her escape in books at an early age. By age seven, she was penning fiction and using a beat-up typewriter to craft poems. After a stint in art school (where she was the only student with a strictly photographic portfolio), she returned to her roots and embraced her inner rawr in regards to writing.

Married, spawned, divorced, she is now the mother of two with ambitions for homesteading and going off the grid. A self-confessed autodidact, she loves reading, learning, and will take a documentary over a Hollywood blockbuster.

She enjoys shows such as Game of Thrones, The Venture Bros, Outlander, and Horrible Histories.

Sapphire mining, gold panning and other forms of playing in the dirt are also enjoyed.



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