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 Bar of Irks and Broken Dreams

So, in true Amerikan Spirit, I’ve begun I’m recording my random musings for your entertainment, while my kids are at school. You know, when I should be writing.



YOU KNOW… a series of random topics where I ramble and verbally meander.



**This page will be updated with new episodes** NOW WITH SEX! So, I have this problem with Fifty Shades of Grey. It is not because the author sold a crappy novel with grammar errors rife throughout for an outrageous price and scored a movie out of it. That’s something other amateurs could cheer on, perhaps hope to emulate, but with a better grasp of the English language. A part of it, is how much of it is ripped off of the Twilight series. Another part is due to EL James and her opinion of readers being triggered by the depictions of abuse (not the “BDSM” although that too, sucks hairy monkey balls) as being “witches and trolls.” She is entitled to her opinion, and I’m entitled to mine. And my opinion says YouTube to the rescue. I got bored last night, and I’m supposed to be babysitting my daughters Barbie dolls and monster high dolls as my daughter is sick. Then I read Jenny Trout’s new recap and yeah, I was inspired.



Watch as Barbie and Singing Cody Simpson cut through all the poetic crap hiding the true diamond in the rough: the psychological thriller of a billionaire preying on college coeds, all Roman Decadence style.

Fifty Shades of WTF  episode 1

Fifty Shades of WTF episode 2

Fifty Shades of WTF episode 3

Fifty Shades of WTF episode 4

Fifty Shades of WTF episode 5 (contains doll on doll sex)

Fifty Shades of WTF episode 6

Fifty Shades of WTF episode 7

image image


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